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avinash kumar
Should have killed....
by avinash kumar on Mar 16, 2019 09:31 AM

BD players are born mc and Bd cricket fans are born bc ...better plAyers should have gunned down there ...

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The violence was committed
by piri on Mar 15, 2019 10:07 PM

by an Australian right wing extremist !

And.....what is unsaid by the police is that he is a white raxcist !

He attacked and killed a lot of muxlims in a mosque in NZ.

But.....those he killed are all......without exception......coloured immigrants from the third world !

White raxcists are turning to violence in increasing measure to vent their hatred against coloured immigrants in many white majority countries !

Many Indian immigrants have been attacked viciously in recent times in the USA by white raxcists!

These white raxcists are sometimes driven by their hatred for muxlim immigrants, when they remember incidents such as 9/11, and at other times are driven by their hatred for Indians and other South Asians who they perceive as people who steal their low end jobs in their home countries !

Whether muxlims or non muxlims, coloured immigrants have been getting targeted by more and more white raxcists.

And Indian immigrants to rich white majority countries, because of their status as economic refugees, have been increasingly becoming objects of more and more hate for white chauvinists !

With reduction in available job opportunities in the white world and the ceaseless tide of tens of thousands of desperate South Asians (mostly Indians) to white majority countries, such expressions of hatred and violence are increasing and set to increase further !

The arrival of parochial right wing leaders such as Donald Trump in power has given that extra bit of resolve to such men

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Sudhanshu sharma
account for just over 1 percent
by Sudhanshu sharma on Mar 15, 2019 11:10 AM

and this is the result

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