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Jayaprakash Balan
Pakistan doesn't deserve to be in semis at all
by Jayaprakash Balan on Jun 17, 2019 03:38 PM

Pakistan team has become such a hopeless team that they have insulted their nation and their yesteryear greats. Entire team should be banned for playing unspiritedly and spoiled the level of World Cup. Sarfaraz should be immediately sacked for being such an uninspiring captain and the players should be fined for being so sloppy on the field. Sarfaraz is such a dud, how is he made the captain when he doesn't know how to keep field placing properly. One cannot blame a bad day when one doesn't have the spirit to play the best. They should not even by luck chance reach the semis. Let other hard working teams like Bangladesh and Afghanistan reach the top so that atleast we get to see good matches. Though the entire India would be celebrating and escatic over the win on Pakistan, a true cricket game lover would not find the win very exciting as when the opposite team is so hopeless, there is no fun or exciting of the win, though one cannot take credit out of Indian players for being the best in the world and playing the best. India will surely win the World Cup. Shame on the entire Pak cricket board to have sent such a hopeless team that too for World Cup and having the worst coach for their team.

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