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vikramaditya bhatia
Thanks Yuvi-the majestic entertainer
by vikramaditya bhatia on Jun 11, 2019 02:37 PM

Players like Yuvraj come once in a lifetime. His style of play especially hitting those big sixes in T-20 world cup-2007 will firmly be etched in the minds of all cricket fans in the word around. Thanks for all the entertainment. Long live Yuvraj u already are a legend who was apart of golden era of Indian cricket.

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animesh srivastava
Yuvrak buy buy
by animesh srivastava on Jun 11, 2019 10:04 AM

Most Dangerous player in the world only in 10 balls he changed the match Yuvraj and kapil has two player who was the reason for two times india won the world cup.

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pradeep berry
B/Geeta says a person is never sits idle and to me it is life
by pradeep berry on Jun 11, 2019 07:42 AM

People say you are retired, and I say it is a beginning of a new life, never expect a thing, but be a hope to all, this is nature.

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