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Making wrong decisions/rules and then defending it.
by Jayaprakash on Jul 28, 2019 07:09 PM

Winner decided on the basis of more boundaries hit and not the lesser number of wickets lost...this rule looks absurd. May be the rule was made just for names sake without giving any serious thought, can call it a lazy rule. Then that issue of one extra run, why third upires cant review it. Umpires may not be able to see when the ball was released by Martin Guptill. Even for run outs third umpire is involved even the running is happening in front of the umpires. Here the throw is coming from the far end of the field, even in the wildest of dreams umpires might not have thought about such a scenario and they may be following only the ball approaching the wicket and the position of the batsmen and not the time of the throw.Even Ben Stokes was apolgestic for that unintentional incident. Both teams equally deserved the trophy and it should have been shared.

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