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The IAF did
by piri on Feb 27, 2019 10:04 PM

in Paxkxistan what it has long been trained to do and what it has presumably done several times before.

It hit Paxk targets and returned after a quick sortie. This much is evident from the statements of the two countries.

(whether the IAF really managed to kixll 300 to 400 terxroxists or not is something that remains to be confirmed and the govt of Indias words in this matter are just as unworthy of trust as are those of the Paxki govt).

But almost as soon as komaaxaaali Modi started brxaxying at the top of his grating voice about the matter (as though the strike is unprecedented and he managed to kixll 300 terxroxists because of his enterprise), the Paxkis hit back in broad daylight and inflicted damage that, unlike the claim of the Indian govt in kixllxing 300 texrroxrists without any proof, is proven and had to be admitted by the Indian govt !!

Oh, why cant these daxmn Paxkis understand that the komxaaaaali is in desperate need of something to brxay out about to hide his massive act of theft using the Rafxale deal with France ??

Why ? Why ? Why ?

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