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Shilpa Mehta
by Shilpa Mehta on Aug 09, 2019 04:38 PM  | Hide replies

Rain avoided WI whitewash in ODI's .
Already WI has been whitewashed in T20 .

So , what's wrong in it if our respected teetotaller coach

Shastri says - - - This team is best among last 10-15 years - - - INDEED ITS NO WHERE LESS THAN THAT .

Have any other coach or captain WHITEWASHED WI IN WI

in any format of the game in history of Indian cricket ??

NO -- - THEN ??

( I heard -- WI team of 80's were very strong - - because
I never saw WI as so strong team since Lara , Hooper era )

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pooja vinayak
by pooja vinayak on Aug 09, 2019 07:12 PM
Cricket is no more a gentleman's game. It is money, money, whether on the field, or off the field due to games played by various Boards. People desert their flourishing businesses to be a Member or President of the various Boards, especially BCCI. BCCI MAKES MINT OF MONEY IT IS ONE RICHEST BOARD IN WORLD

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