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Prithvi Shaw made history: In Numbers

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Where is Arjun Tendulkar?
by MGR on Oct 05, 2018 05:22 PM

Where is Arjun Tendulkar?

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shailendra mohite
Need Quality Opening Fast Bowlers
by shailendra mohite on Oct 05, 2018 11:35 AM

Urgent need of top quality Fast Bowlers NOT Batsmen'S galore !! Wonder what the hyped Academies are producing in Chennai and Bangalore??

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sameer pandita
Why was Manjot Kalra Overlooked
by sameer pandita on Oct 05, 2018 10:42 AM

Too early to say he is dependable. I didn't find his century impressive or stylish. Nothing, near Sachin,Sehwag or Ganguly as a opener. However, there is no reason why he shouldn't be offered more chances. Hope he grows into a better cricketer as he represents India .

I simply cannot understand why the stylish Manjot Kalra who actually gave us the under 19 WC was not given an opportunity .That man had the character of taking pressure and delivering when India needed .Paise ka khel hai sab .Both should have got an opportunity . why did selectors overlooked Manjot Kalra ? He could be the next yuvi for us .

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