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Poor captaincy yet again from Kings 11.
by Jayaprakash on May 17, 2018 05:34 PM

From a commanding position in the points table Kings 11 slipped to a dire situation now. Last game they played school cricket and this time they experimented too much with batting order reshuffle. Aaron Flinch after repeated failures so far played a crucial knock at the right time. He was allowed to bat in top order. Wonder why Yuvraj was not given a chance to bat on fall of Aaron Flinch especially when the later shown that a good batsman can always come back to form anytime. Yuvraj was paaded up and was expecting to bat as normal and by pushing him back and sending two other batsmen has taken up all his confidence. He is not the one who starts hitting from the first ball and needs atleast 3-4 balls to get a start. If he came early definitely he should have done much better. It was not the right time to send Stonis or Axer Patel ahead of Yuvraj. Such mistakes can cost you the game.

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