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Dhoni's Aadhar details leaked! Wife slams minister

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ananda char
by ananda char on Mar 29, 2017 08:25 PM  | Hide replies

Because the information of a celebrity is leaked the Govt is taking action on the Agent what about a common man . In his case the Govt will not bother.This is our constitution shame on our elders. Govt why they need adhaar when so many identification documents are available this is all waste of public money. Many agencies , authorities swallow the budgeted money meant for Adhaar Card enrollment

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mukaddim hussain
Re: Adhaar
by mukaddim hussain on Mar 29, 2017 08:57 PM
Yes. In case of a common man, do you think govt. will take any action? Never! This is AADHAR! Breaching security of individuals. What is going on in the country?

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nikhil mukhopadhyay
by nikhil mukhopadhyay on Mar 29, 2017 05:12 PM

It seems our privacy is not at all a privacy. Half knowledge is always destructive.

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Krishnaraj P
Aadhar Misuse
by Krishnaraj P on Mar 29, 2017 05:04 PM

Why Target only Agent when Jt Secy& above etc or even Data operator can easily steal People’s Identity& Actions. See How AADHAR is being Imposed by Modi& Co incl. SC, For Everything Under False Reasons, Gravely Affecting People’s Constitutional Right of Peaceful Living DANGEROUS in India (Photo ID proof Limiting Freebies Quantity can block much Misuses). All this Despite told as Voluntary& Not Compulsory. It Can Not Only Track Peoples Identity But Also their Activities/Location/Spendings etc etc. There is No Safeguards against Misuse of Aadhar details of Citizens (>Jt Secy& above etc or even Data operator can easily steal People’s Identity& Actions) which become Gravely Dangerous Since Indian Courts Never Detected/ Punished Misusing Rulers/Officials/Police/Investigators/Judges for Vested Case Hungriness and when Justice Deliverance is V.costly, much Delayed& Pro-Govt. Only V.FEW Indians ARE V. POOR, REQUIRING FREEBIES& CONCESSIONS. LET GOVT. REDUCE WASTAGES By ABOLISHING FREEBIES& CONCESSIONS; INSTEAD GIVE CHEAPER JOBS (GOVT. SALARY ARE OVER-FAT).
Even Huge No of Illegal Migrants like Bangladeshis/Pakis/Nepalis etc etc got Aadhar& All Freebies and Citizenship.

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