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harish vyas
by harish vyas on Jan 23, 2017 03:28 PM


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Chandra Mohan
Manish Pandey Needed
by Chandra Mohan on Jan 23, 2017 11:58 AM


Kedhar Jadhav though he has performed well against England, it is just a one of performance and there might not be a guarantee that he would repeat this form again.

K L Rahul, Dhawan & Ajinkya Rahane have been given enough chances. How many more years would Manish Pandey be made to play a waiting game. He needs to be drafted to the playing 11 if India are targeting the 2019 world cup. Sitting on bench does not give him any experience of playing in the team. Virat Kohli, Dhoni & Kumble should sit across the table and discuss this issue seriously.

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pyarelal laxmikant
by pyarelal laxmikant on Jan 23, 2017 08:38 AM  | Hide replies

...The Opening Breakfast Combination Of ‘NeerDosa (KL Rahul)’ & ‘MisalPav (AjinkyaRahane)’ Was Too Much To Digest For The Rest.

Though The ‘ShevayaChiKheer (KedarJadhav)’ Proved To Be A Delicious Dessert.

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M S Dhoni
by M S Dhoni on Jan 23, 2017 10:53 AM
Dhoni slow batting lost us the match. In past 2-3_years team has lost so many matches bcz of his slow batting. He plays with a sr of_50-70_in_5-6 overs and puts pressure on other batsman. He dsnt even rotates strike After playing so slow most of the times he gets out.
Here are a few examples
Jan_17 target_322vs eng, dhoni_25 off_36. Team lost by 5_runs

June_16, 8_needed against zim, dhoni 19_off_17, team lost by 2_runs

June_16, 139_needed against zim, dhoni 9_off_13.

Aug_16, 2_needed against wi, team lost by 1_run
Oct_15, 11_needed against sa, team lost

T20_wc final, 4_runs off 7_balls, team lost against sl

Jan_13, 54_off 89_vs pak, team lost

Sep_12, T20_vs nz, team needed 42_off_33, dhoni made 22_off_23, team lost by 1_run

Jan_16, vs aus, team needed 72_off_75 with 8_wickets in hand, dhoni 0_off_3

Oct_16, vs nz, target_243, dhoni 39_off_65, team lost by 6_runs

Oct_16, vs nz, target_261, dhoni 11_off_31, team lost by 19_runs

There are so many more examples in which team lost bcz of dhoni_slow_batting. He ws in team cz he_ws_captain but frankly speaking HE_DOESNOT_deserve_a_place_in_team…

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pravin sarode
by pravin sarode on Jan 24, 2017 08:07 AM
team chasing has more chances to win always but there is some thing still wrong with both teams that ENGLAND failed to chased in second ood and Indian in third something fishy

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