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How Captain Cool Dhoni 'finished' off Bangladesh

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Indian win over Bengladesh
by on Mar 25, 2016 10:03 AM

Though India won the match on 23rd. It was a match actually won by Bengladesh, yet India snatched the victory from Bengladesh's hands. Well played Bengla, excellent win by India

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Dhoni = Excuses & Blames
by tejas on Mar 24, 2016 10:49 PM

Dhoni's complaint about turning pitch & giving it as an excuse for not scoring even respectable total against minnows Bangladesh is absolutely unfathomable & hard to digest.

We are playing in our own country, we can prepare whatever type of pitch we want.

Authority to prepare pitches lies with the host nation & ICC has absolutely no say in it, unless it is absolutely pathetic, dangerous or below average standard.

Remember Ravi Shastri abusing Wankhede curator Sudhir Naik for not preparing pitch as per his liking & so called batting pitch when SA piled on 438 runs during ODI last year ?
We lost that game with huge margin.

Then why Shastri is silent now? Why was he tight lipped about our Nagpur fiasco against New Zealand ?
It is allegedly prepared as per Shastri's instructions with the thought process that Kiwi's would struggle against spin. But unfortunately for India Kiwis have already done their homework well & picked 3 spinners. And it's our tragedy that what Kiwis could read from the pitch, our stalwarts like Shastris & Dhonis couldn't & we surrendered completely & got buried in the graves created by us for them.

So, Dhoni,,,,nobody's going to buy & trust your excuses about pitches, toss, conditions etc. etc.

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Srikumar Mahapatra
Rohit, Dhawan, Raina, Yuvi
by Srikumar Mahapatra on Mar 24, 2016 07:39 PM

I must say Bravado to Minos Bangladesh to almost outplayed India.It remind me the 2007 T20 Final when Joginder was bowled last over and Mishba ul Haq caught by Sresanth.
In this match Till 18th over they were winning, 19th over only 6 runs were back India into the Game by Bumrah. Last over again it was 99% in favor of Bangladesh but wicket lost in quick succession put them under tremendous pressure and it was Dhoni who clinch the match on last ball. But Batting, Bowling and Fielding Bangladesh outplayed India. Team India must think to play likes of Dhawan, Rohit, Yuvi and Raina in coming match (s) if qualify. Lastover by Hardik Pandya is a Gamble and can,t be on regular, he already given away 2 fours.

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bommaraju ramarao
Spin pitches without quality spinners
by bommaraju ramarao on Mar 24, 2016 07:04 PM

On one side Spin pitches are prepared; then you have only one quality spinner in Ashwin.. Jadeja is free lancer, any thing is bonus from him. Opposition teams, knowing that these are spin pitches take 3 quality spinners, and always have two quality fast bowlers, all of them prove handy and your batsmen look all at sea, call it because of good bowling or big names like Rohit, Shikhar, Raina and Yuvraj are struggling. And when it comes to bowling the only two dependable bowlers are Ashwin and Bhumra, the rest are guests based on their luck for the day.. Is this the team that is going to win World Cup with??? Do we not have better players in places of atleast, shikhar, yuvaraj, Nehra, Jadeja and Pandya (Playing him as a seamer on spin pitch is waste)… Well wait and see......

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Mike Teflon
A shot in the arm for Dhon's boys
by Mike Teflon on Mar 24, 2016 02:16 PM

Well, never a convincing victory by any stretch of imagination, but a heart break for Bonglodesh. A much needed gob-smack in the face for Bonglos.

It's a win nevertheless, hope men in blue would start peaking now..

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Guru RamRahimDsuza
If Virat Fails-Once again proved
by Guru RamRahimDsuza on Mar 24, 2016 01:28 PM  | Hide replies

Then rest of the Indian line up succumb like school cricketers. Don't know how players like Dhawan,Yuvi etc. plays for India ahead of Manish Pandey,Rahane!!

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Mike Teflon
Re: If Virat Fails-Once again proved
by Mike Teflon on Mar 24, 2016 02:14 PM
Bro, wait n see, this win would inject the much needed impetus into the team.

Remember, they're not playing at their best. Let's hope they first smash the SF hurdle

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Dhoni , the glittering star.....
by Siachen on Mar 24, 2016 01:18 PM  | Hide replies

Any amount of glory will not compensate your action that saved your team from the ignominy in the hands of your unfamed opponents.

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Mike Teflon
Re: Dhoni , the glittering star.....
by Mike Teflon on Mar 24, 2016 02:52 PM
Wah KyaBaatHai.. LoTumKo Gilgit-Baltistan bhiDeDiya..

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