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Dhoni takes a dig at match officials...

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Mike Teflon
Bad advertisement for T20
by Mike Teflon on Feb 29, 2016 02:41 AM

Agree, umpiring was pathetic. My issue is with the quality of tracks prepared for this Asia cup.

India played well to beat Pak on a greenish track, but the low scoring game was not a good advertisement for T20 cricket. Bonglodosh didn't do enough diligence and left the grass intact to let the tracks hold up.

If they didn't do it, it would have been all spin with much lower totals and dull games. Bonglodosh deserves the whip and should be blacklisted for ALL tournaments for at least 5 years.

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V Nagarajan
Kholi was not out?
by V Nagarajan on Feb 28, 2016 08:53 AM  | Hide replies

I felt that Virat Kholi was not out.

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Abhijit Joardar
Re: Kholi was not out?
by Abhijit Joardar on Feb 28, 2016 01:01 PM
too poor umpiring, all bad decisions only in favour of #JNU team ;-)

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Re: Re: Kholi was not out?
by Hindustani on Feb 28, 2016 01:44 PM
It's not about just your feeling. HE WAS ACTUALLY NOT OUT.

There was a huge inside edge off his bat on the pads & still that Umpire upheld the appeal.

I haven't seen a more pathetic display of Umpiring in an ICC tournament than what was seen yesterday.

They missed clear caught behinds & gave it not out, given LBW when there was inside edge. Not given LBW when the batsman was clearly out, missed no-bowls.

We can understand one or two errors but yesterday they made 6-7 crucial errors which could have proved costly.

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