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Is this Indian team good enough to win the World T20?

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keshav murthy
World T20 Selection
by keshav murthy on Feb 05, 2016 08:33 PM

What about 5th ODI winning contribution Manish pande, Selectors once again ignore karnatka, i hate BCCI

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sharad gaitonde
Injustis to Manish Pande
by sharad gaitonde on Feb 05, 2016 08:19 PM

The selection commitee is thinking the the batsman performed will repeat the performance may have jolt, instead of 7 spiners including yuvraj& raina.They are neglrcting Manish Pande who deseves the place.

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mukesh m iyer
Why has Irfan Pathan not been selected- Shocking
by mukesh m iyer on Feb 05, 2016 07:51 PM  | Hide replies

t is really shocking that the Selectors have again ignored Irfan Pathan after he led his Baroda team to the Final in the Syed-mushtaq-ali-trophy. He was the leading wicket taker along with good amount of runs scored. He is the Ideal All Rounder Indian team is looking for.

On what basis Pawan Negi is in the team. This is really bad selection by not picking up Irfan Pathan.

What better performance he needs to show to get selected in the Indian team??

I am still hopeful. If Shami is not fully fit he should be straightway replaced with Irfan Pathan

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Re: Why has Irfan Pathan not been selected- Shocking
by PRASUNE JOHN on Feb 05, 2016 10:17 PM
Correct Irfan Pathan not been selected is quite questionable. It means selectors are not watching domestic performance at all. Instead of performers like him, Hardik Pandya who failed to bowl well not even in a single match in Australia is retained just because the team won??? Unbelievable. This selection committee is full of idiots.

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People matters
by THANGAVELU on Feb 05, 2016 07:17 PM

What is common in Rahane & Patil ?
It is not that difficult to figure it out,
if so required.

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srirama chandra rao
Manishpandey's exclusion
by srirama chandra rao on Feb 05, 2016 07:08 PM

He should have been selected ahead of one bowing alrounder Negi as we have Yuvraj, Raina as part time spinners who do well in T20s as bowlers also.No necessity of another spinner. In case some body like Shikar is out of form, then Rahane will open the innings and his place will automatically fall on Manish. As only 11 players are going to play it could have been wise to include Manish also as seven bowlers or bowling alrounders are enough where only four to be fielded so that flexibility would have been to the captain. More over both Rahane and Manish pandey are good fielders too They can cut the runs with their sharp fielding as they can be said fielding alrounders. Instead of Shami they should have fielded Irfan pathan another alrounder who is in form

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Sheikh Akber
manish pandey in his earlier days use to keep baboon hairstyle
by Sheikh Akber on Feb 05, 2016 06:46 PM

the famous baboon hairstyle of dhoni

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Manish Pandey's exclusion is unbelievable
by Hindustani on Feb 05, 2016 06:35 PM  | Hide replies

Despite his below average performances in ODI

series he got selected over Manish Pandey ?

In his only match which he played, that too

which he got luckily selected due to Rahane's

injury, Manish Pandey scored brilliant under

pressure 100 & most importantly sail us through

victory, fielded excellently.

Now, what more the selection committee

expected from him that they excluded him?

And what special they saw in Gurkeerat Mann

over Pandey that prompted them to select him?


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Re: Manish Pandey's exclusion is unbelievable
by Hindustani on Feb 05, 2016 06:37 PM

Gurkeerat must be having some MENTOR or GODFATHER in the selection team or cricket team

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Guru RamRahimDsuza
No way
by Guru RamRahimDsuza on Feb 05, 2016 06:33 PM  | Hide replies

Pawan Negi,Harbhajan Singh,Yuvraj Singh,Shami (as he is injured),etc. should not been selected. Although good if India does not win. Otherwise Dhoni's fans will start postingNonsense again

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Re: No way
by Hindustani on Feb 05, 2016 06:44 PM

Pawan Negi's selection is good, he is in great form in recent domestic matches & he is good hitter, good spinner & his fielding is also nice. He could give that low order punch to our batting which was missing.

But Yuvraj, Harbhajan & Shami selection was not expected.
They should have gon for Pandey in place of Yuvraj. And should have gone for some other quality spinner than Harbhajan.
Also, Shami's fitness is questionable. It's not easy to perform directly after injury unless you get lot of match practice.

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