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Angry Mohd Shami hits back at trolls over comments on wife's outfit

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N G Thakurta
Why is Akhilesh quiet now?
by N G Thakurta on Dec 28, 2016 03:41 PM

Also those gangs of sickulars? Khujli, Behenji, Raga & DIDI?

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Swapankumar Ghosh
Md Shami
by Swapankumar Ghosh on Dec 26, 2016 09:29 PM

Md Shami we are proud of you. Go ahead.

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Dibyendu Talukdar
Shami -the whole India with u
by Dibyendu Talukdar on Dec 26, 2016 06:25 PM

We are strongly denouncing these religious fanatics and zealots. You are our national pride. Do not worry.Ignore these anti-nationals as they have no place in our country.

Best wishes to you and your family. We enjoyed your play against mighty Australia and wish to see you very soon in cricket field. Good bye little Aairah.

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Harshal S
Join Rahul Gandhi!
by Harshal S on Dec 26, 2016 05:19 PM

Rahul Gandhi is on fast till he gets his OLD note back.
Why? OLD notes are having Mcmohan's signature.

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s d
Neglect fanatics
by s d on Dec 26, 2016 05:12 PM

Fanatics are always jealous of beauty and other good things in life. They have just nothing to their credit, neither culture nor education. They are good for nothing vagabonds, school dropouts living in the fantasy created by clerics of Maddrasa culture.

Just forget them. They are no ones to dictate..

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Why the liberals are quiet?
by BS on Dec 26, 2016 04:57 PM  | Hide replies

Where are the liberals, award wapsee gang, right thinkers not condemning this?

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suresh kumar
Re: Why the liberals are quiet?
by suresh kumar on Dec 26, 2016 06:05 PM
Man made the religion.. not the other way. So life is beyond religion, but religious leaders make a living out of religion, and hence all these problems.

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