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'Maharashtra stand to lose Rs 100 Cr if IPL is shifted'

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Bala Sundaram
by Bala Sundaram on Apr 11, 2016 09:37 AM  | Hide replies

Instead of moving out IPL, it would do well to contribute the entire earnings from IPL-Rs 100 crore to drought hit parts with equal contribution to be forced on IPL! Two days back, I went to a restarant in Mahalaxmi Race Course. After seeing the greenery and quantity of water required to keep it that way,I was wondering why a PIL has not yet been filed in court!

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rohit karkera
by rohit karkera on Apr 12, 2016 04:54 PM
why to contribute make a good irregation system for these farmers and let them farmers pay it back when they grow something in their land

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Major sonu singh
Real brothers
by Major sonu singh on Apr 09, 2016 11:10 PM

Chor-Chor Mosere Bhai = Black money-Black money BJP Congress. Is there is any separation in issues involving money

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neha enterprise
Maharashtra Gain / Loss
by neha enterprise on Apr 09, 2016 06:53 PM

Dear Anurag Thaku
Are you Finance Minister of Maharashtra or you from Maharashtra Audit Depart so that you could specify the loss of Maharashtra, This job is of Government let them speak is it a loss or profit, why are you exagerating the figure,

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abhay  manudhane
by abhay manudhane on Apr 09, 2016 06:24 PM  | Hide replies

CM rightly said no IPL Matches in Maharashtra if they are wasting water. It is clarified that Wankhede uses waste recycled water.
Fortunately Mumbai waste water is also not recyled for other purpose.Mumbai waste water goes to sea so the question of wasteage of water in Mumbai.
However in Pune, Nagpur etc. it may be noted that waste darinage water also has lot of use as it percolates down in ground and gets filtered naturally. As such matches in such cities definitely involves wastage of water.

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by RAJENDRA on Apr 09, 2016 06:35 PM
Though I am a cricket buff and follow the on field action whereever its happening I have decided to not to watch the IPL matches, either at any of the stadiums of even on TV because my heart cries for those who lose life for watcher scarcity in villages.

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Balozi Mufasa
Water Harvesting Infra
by Balozi Mufasa on Apr 09, 2016 06:18 PM

Woefully bad - but Indians will never learn

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Ramanujam Srinivasan
IPL Matches
by Ramanujam Srinivasan on Apr 09, 2016 05:56 PM

How wisdom dawned on BCCI and IPL Officials only after filing of PIL by a NGO ? What is there contribution so far to help the people affected by drought ? Why Amit Shah and Sonia Gandhi not advising Anurag Thakur and Rajiv Shukla in this sensitive matter? Shedding Crocodile tears will not help them.

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Shifting IPL matches out of Maharashtra
by RAJENDRA on Apr 09, 2016 05:50 PM  | Hide replies

Its strange everything is talked about the loss of crores of rupees if IPL matches are shifted out of Maharashtra, but what about the loss life of ordinary folks - the farmers. Perhaps for those controlling the IPl - the Tamasha - cricket is more important that human beings well being

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Sankar GaneshGovindan
Re: Shifting IPL matches out of Maharashtra
by Sankar GaneshGovindan on Apr 09, 2016 06:22 PM
Well Said... The issue of Farmers is not taking care... even though Maharastra and AP are having maximum farmers suicide... Very Disturbing Trend... Let all our leaders (Political / Industrial / Social) awake to support the Plight of Farmers in India..

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Mohamed Fameen
by Mohamed Fameen on Apr 09, 2016 05:39 PM  | Hide replies

How can it be a loss. It can only be a no gain.
The people's welfare is above all after all it is only some cricket match.

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by RAJENDRA on Apr 09, 2016 05:57 PM
I totally agree. The BCCI secrtary Anurag Thakur, a lawyer and an MP,bettere should tell the Franchies, who control the teams, to adopt and contribute towards the welfare of the badly affected villages. Reliance, the home of Mumbai India, should take lead in this respect - May Mrs Nita Ambani divert her attention to small villagers.

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