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South Africa's first post-isolation captain Rice dies

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shadab ahmed
Missed you Rice
by shadab ahmed on Jul 28, 2015 10:01 PM

We missed you always.

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south africa first captian clive rice
by pratiknidhi on Jul 28, 2015 05:06 PM  | Hide replies

has some problem in recisam like white,black.So international community bycotted this nation from olympics to other sports.In 1991 after many initiatives bann lited by international community.Now first tour of south african cricket team held in india.Allan donald comes in limelight.

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Surya Narayan Das
Re: south africa first captian clive rice
by Surya Narayan Das on Jul 29, 2015 04:43 AM
U said blah blah.. But forgot to say RIP for whose news article stretch u here..

RIP Mr Rice, a very good alrounder and fantastic captain

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