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Gabba ODI PHOTOS: Fantastic Finn takes five as India batsmen flop

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Satish K
by Satish K on Jan 20, 2015 03:18 PM  | Hide replies

These are strong & early warning signals for India. If the selectors / team management does not throw away the rotten eggs out of the team with IMMEDIATE EFFECT, whatever slim chances India has at this World Cup will be crushed.
Many of the players in the team for the World Cup are unworthy of their place and it will indeed be a miracle if India progress beyond the Quarter finals.

Dhawan has to be replaced unless he makes big scores in both his remaining matches. To get replaced in the WC team, a player has to be injured. So let him bang his head against the wall or fall and break his bones. Murali Vijay who was in great form in Tests can replace him.

With Umesh Yadav and Shami, we have 2 bowlers who can be relied to do only one thing. Turn a position of strength into sure defeat. Right from the last Test match this overhyped Yadav fellow has been leaking runs going for 6-7 runs an over on a regular basis. Shami is also highly inconsistent. India has missed the trick by not including a left arm swing bowler, Nehra would have been ideal. And Praveen Kumar would have tightened the screws on batsmen with tight controlled bowling; his figures in recent domestic matches are Unbelievably Good. Praveen is the bowler who won us the CB Series final in 2008 against Ponting Hayden Gilchrist and co.
Unless they get wickets conceding few runs in next 2 matches, hopeless Yadav and Shami also need to fall and break some of their bones to make way for better guys in the WC team.

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K Ram
by K Ram on Jan 20, 2015 10:52 PM
Why is that every time the team fails, Ashwin is made the scapegoat and other worse failures escape? The ones who made naughts and scored in single digit continue to play while Ashwin who didn't bat or bowl badly was found all the reasons for the team's poor showing and was dropped. Bhuvi bowling at 115kmph can never be a threat and must be axed to spend time at MRF pace foundation to bowl at atleast 130 speed and add more variety and armoury to his bowling. Stuart who at least adds some batting value, can play in place of Bhuvi. India's pace bowling stock looks bare and empty and it's only wise to play to our strength with 2 spinners. It's a pretty wrong idea to rusg players in to international arena based on one or two performances in IPL, ignoring the domestic cricket performances and experiences completely. Let Axar Patel and Kuldeep Yadhav prove their mettle in the domestic circuit for a season or two before staking claims further. Is anyone listening???

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Asif N
Yuvraj will be included in World Cup Team
by Asif N on Jan 20, 2015 02:51 PM  | Hide replies

Yuvraj will be included in World Cup Team as Jadeja has not yet recovered.

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Indian players themselves
by AdinGoyyale on Jan 20, 2015 02:36 PM  | Hide replies

dont want Dhoni as captain.

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sukhmeet singh
Re: Indian players themselves
by sukhmeet singh on Jan 20, 2015 02:45 PM
dhoni is not the prob team india is facing.. its batting and bowling has been miserable and needs to be upgraded.. dhoni cant be blamed for all the things

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Guru RamRahimDsuza
Re: Re: Indian players themselves
by Guru RamRahimDsuza on Jan 20, 2015 03:10 PM
But WC squad was picked by Dhoni with Srini.. Why Yuvi,Nehra,Praveen,Manoj etc not included?? What is Umesh,Rayadu,Binny,Aswin doing in the team??

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Krishna reddy
Indian Defeat
by Krishna reddy on Jan 20, 2015 02:36 PM  | Hide replies

This Indian team is no better than club team especially our bowling which is often clobbered by all the opposition batsman including tailenders. So this team will be knocked out in Quarter final stage itself in the worldcup. They are only suitable for Indian pitches only.Even if here if we make bouncy and fast pitches the result will be diastrous for india. In these conditions indian are equal with zimbabwe,ireland,netherland and bangladesh. So India should compete with these teams henceforth while playing abroad so that series becomes interesting otherwise it will be lopsided if it plays with any of the stronger teams.

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Re: Indian Defeat
by MyReview on Jan 20, 2015 10:20 PM
Poor judgement I guess... even if such bunch of indisciplined and reckless players play against any country or for that matter even the street club teams, the result would be same..

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terrible show
by Dev on Jan 20, 2015 02:16 PM  | Hide replies

india looking like a club team. heavy defeat

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