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'Dhoni's left Indian cricket in a better place than it was when he took over'

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anand menon
by anand menon on Jan 02, 2015 02:17 PM

Better late than never..MSD

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ha ha ha
by kapil on Jan 02, 2015 11:20 AM

so what??? you think cricket going to survive in India??? less chance friend.. people moved to Football and Kabadi etc..

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Shikari Shambu
Better place?
by Shikari Shambu on Jan 02, 2015 06:38 AM


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he he he he
by wcpak on Jan 01, 2015 07:27 PM

nobody can beat the Aussies in playing mind games. Now this new one trying to make it uncomfortable for Kohli when he starts as official captain in the 4th test.

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mihir mehta
tours abroad
by mihir mehta on Jan 01, 2015 05:59 PM

whenever the team tours abroad , eng aus sa , if team loses as players cannot adjust
the blame directly goes on senior players to resign and thats why all senior greats
like sachin , shewag dravid , laxman and now dhoni go out.there r so many others sports
in the country no one talks about take hockey or olympics . what is team india s performance in any other sports and there is so much politics there but who cares.see what happened to CWG games in india is anyone bothered about it.cricket is the only sport that is so focussed upon

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mahesh pargaonkar
CSK calling
by mahesh pargaonkar on Jan 01, 2015 05:43 PM  | Hide replies

Is Haddin mad or wants to join CSK or India Cement ?? India ranked 3rd when Dhoni started as captain...now India is at 7....where is the progress ??

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Re: CSK calling
by on Jan 02, 2015 06:29 AM
Gavaskar, Shastri and Sandeep Patil ruling Indian Cricket...Rename BCCI to Board of Cricket Control Mumbai.

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Dhoni's retirement
by PRABHAT SINHA on Jan 01, 2015 04:45 PM

BCCI and the Sport's minsitry needs to review the reasons for Dhoni to know why such sudden decision was made and what were the problems he was facing.India should respect its Heroes.

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