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The doosra: 6-0? Are India and Pakistan playing a tennis match?

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Pakistan Defeat
by Syz on Feb 17, 2015 01:40 AM

When I said in this forum that it was shocking to see Pakistan capitulating to India so easily and when I said I miss good old days of Pakistan cricket when players like Miandad, Imran Khan, Wasim Akhram, etc played, people called me Paki and abused me. Now will you do the same to rediff guys? When this mentality will end? Truely speaking, as a cricket lover, I didn't enjoy the game because it was so one-sided.

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yuvraj patil
I think
by yuvraj patil on Feb 17, 2015 12:09 AM  | Hide replies

Rediff & Author is deeply shocked due to the loss of their beloved Pakistan Team..my sympathies are with you..get well soon..

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Inzy Bhai
Re: I think
by Inzy Bhai on Feb 17, 2015 05:54 AM

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Nilayan Mukherjee
Re: Re: I think
by Nilayan Mukherjee on Feb 18, 2015 07:43 AM
inzy is another fool like wcpak

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Vijay K
Victory is Over-Hyped by Media and Fans !!
by Vijay K on Feb 16, 2015 03:41 PM

Congratulations India for beating Pakistan once again. Victory against Pakistan is always sweet, but it is Over-Hyped.

Remember drubbing we got from Australia in Tests and One-Dayers, we also lost against England. Both Indian bowling and batting looked ordinary against quality opposition. With win over weak Pakistan complacency seem to have set in.

Reality check is not far away. Our games against South Africa, Newzealand, England & Australia will prove my point.

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its not 6-0, its 10-0 !
by Dhantannan on Feb 16, 2015 12:19 PM  | Hide replies

4-0 in t20 wc, twic in 2007, once each in 2012 and 2016,
6-0 in ODI wc.
so its 10-0
10 ka dum !!

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Re: its not 6-0, its 10-0 !
by Dhantannan on Feb 16, 2015 12:20 PM
sorry typo its should be 2012 and 2014

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united india
s00ni mollas
by united india on Feb 16, 2015 11:17 AM  | Hide replies

S00nni m00llas of India is crying esp b00kkar1 & owasis !

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Re: s00ni mollas
by shawarmadajjaj on Feb 16, 2015 04:31 PM
they already won a country 'PAKISTAN'!

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akella satyanarayana
Re: Re: s00ni mollas
by akella satyanarayana on Feb 16, 2015 08:39 PM
wcpak where u , crying.

he he he

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Raj Kumar
all hype and no play
by Raj Kumar on Feb 16, 2015 10:53 AM

it is these broadcasters and advertisers and players and of course bcci earn money with such tactics while we the poor fans waste our time and money in watching and spending on such hypes! pity we!

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Yashodhan Gharat
Why analyze everything???
by Yashodhan Gharat on Feb 16, 2015 09:48 AM

These days media try to analyze each and every news. Just to show of their superior brain...why cant just enjoy the good thing and analyze the bad ones...

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Blah blah
by on Feb 16, 2015 09:12 AM

Last week it was AAP and this time so many articles about India Pak. Pagal media

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