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Umpire Ward stable after blow to head during Ranji match

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RMK Proprietor
Injured head
by RMK Proprietor on Dec 02, 2015 05:36 PM

Injury caused to brain severely, is probable death only & nothing short. After being hit by a massive strike from the Batsman, Surprisingly the umpire, survived after medical treatment. with advise, just 1 day rest & fit for the next. I am not sure, but can say to an extent, that at YAMLOK, migration to new technology from the existing one, may be going on, thus until complete migration from old to new. THE orders issued,are SUJECT TO ERRORS. hence on a/c of errors, the CHAMPION LIFTERS FROM 'YAMLOK' are finding it difficult to take away the desired targets. It is just a transition period "THEY WILL BE BACK LIKE BANG".

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Completely alright?
by Radhakrishnan on Dec 02, 2015 03:39 PM

If he is completely alright, I am 'completely relieved'!

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