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FIVE reasons why India lost the Galle Test

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harish vyas
by harish vyas on Aug 17, 2015 04:31 PM

CONGRATS SAINA for winning SILVER.YOU DONE WONDERFUL which no INDIAN has done BEFORE in Badminton World Championship.We are Proud of you.

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Ramesh Kapoor
Indian Captains!
by Ramesh Kapoor on Aug 17, 2015 12:25 PM

India is a proud nation! It has the best educated cricketing public. Hence everyone becomes a captain including myself! Indian failures becomes a blame game! Time for DRS or move on!0

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dreamer formerlytaklu
galle loss
by dreamer formerlytaklu on Aug 17, 2015 01:21 AM

a great reason is lankan optimism and my belief in their grit..fervently hoping tharindu kausal's gritty words come true, and yes we did it. i'm the reason indians lost!

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Satyendra Sood
Regarding INDIA,s dramatic loss
by Satyendra Sood on Aug 16, 2015 10:39 PM

It is disgusting that match which was surely going to be won by India has been given on a platter to going to loose team simply by overconfidence & irresponsible captaincy.Could't as a captain Kohli exercise some caution,restraint & exhibit responsibility as Dhoni used to show in such adverse conditions.There was no effort to save the match and players became Aya Ram and Gaya Ram once the collapse started.

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Shastri and Kohli
by Hindustani on Aug 16, 2015 08:13 PM

Now it is clear that Ravi Shastri as a coach, mentor, care-taker or whatever he may call himself, is a complete failure, a flop show.
It's high time now that we should find some good coach like Gary Kirsten, otherwise we will get whitewashed by South Africa when we will play them in October.
And for Virat Kohli, captaining Indian national team is not like captaining Delhi domestic side or under-19 side. Only swearing, bad words, staring with wide eyes & doing theatrics for camera is not going to help, you need to be smart in your bowling changes, fielding placements, batting order, attacking batting at the right time, reading the situation of the game & acting accordingly etc., only aggressiveness with mouth and eyes won't win you matches, show the smartness instead by your actions.

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avinash kumar
Send back haarbhajan,nohit sharma
by avinash kumar on Aug 16, 2015 04:51 PM

India should play aggressive game ...

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Amit Aggarwal
Indian Batting is weak
by Amit Aggarwal on Aug 16, 2015 12:05 PM  | Hide replies

Our batting is definately weak. With Saha at no. 6 , we cann't afford to go with the same line up. Kohli and Shastri need to understand that this is a test match where scoring runs is imp. and not the strike rate of batsman. We cann't afford to continue with Rohit Sharma in the team at no.3 . First of all, he is not the right player to be playing at no. 3 in test matches. and secondly, if Kohli and shastri thinks that Rohit can take the game away in test matches with his aggresive big hitting, even then , the right position for him has to be at No.6 , so that even he gets the licence to attack when he is left with the tail. By playing only 5 batsmen with Saha at 6, they are only putting rohit in a more defensive frame of mind at no. 3 , bse. if he starts attacking and gets out at no.3 position, he will look like a total fool.

So, the best line up for 2nd match looks to be :

Vijay (if fit } / Rahul
Bhuvneshwar / Varun aaron

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Re: Indian Batting is weak
by on Aug 16, 2015 12:47 PM
yes this is the best combination if four bowlers are picked. If five bowlers are picked, better Rohit be dropped as enough chances are given and more over Pujara score some runs in the practice match and he has the technique to remain at the crease for longer hours unlike Rohit

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Some questions to Kohli/Shastri/Anurag Thakur/Sandip Patil
by Hindustani on Aug 16, 2015 12:02 PM

1) Can Kohali/ Sahstri / Sandip Patil / Anurag Thakur explain why Harbhajan did not get the more than 1 wicket in entire match when track was conducive for spin & Ashwin got 10 wickets Mishra got 6 wickets?
2)Can Kohali/ Sahstri / Sandip Patil / Anurag Thakur explain what this Rohit Sharma is doing in the team inspite of repetitive failures?
3)There were only 2 bowlers balling, the remaining bowlers were just doing formality. Ishant Sharma and Aaron were bowling like they are playing in IPL, they were too expensive.
4)Why Kohali did not attack with Ashwin and Mishra at both ends when Chandimal and Thirimanne were new to the crease, why he did not go for the kill and tried to finish the match on day-4 itself? Why he allowed Sharma, and Aaron to bowl from both ends despite they were expensive? Why he allowed both to settle and score big and fast runs, that is the mysterious question. The match was lost due to that partnership on day 4, as the track was turning more & more and due to that the moderate target was also difficult to chase.

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