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BCCI calls Working Committee meet on September 26

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damodaran mohan
by damodaran mohan on Sep 08, 2014 06:45 PM

But how long Srini can continue like this on borrowed time ? Perhaps Srini thinks with overwhelming support of 20 out of 31 units he can overcome the present obstacles to head the BCCI once Mudgal report clears him in the next two months.But SC itself has raised doubts about feasibility of early completion of the probe given the complexity of involvement of Police investigations too !Question is if Mudgal report will submit some interim report just to clear Srini, the owner of CSK while host of other linked issues including time consuming police cases remain uninvestigated fully ! Hoping for the best but why not meanwhile Srini gives up ownership of CSK ? This will help correct the ‘conflict of interest’ issues which has been the starting point of all problems and has become main bone of contention with CSK owned by him getting dragged into the spot fixing case. May be Srini distancing himself from CSK could be the minimum the Mudgal committee could be looking to before they could give ‘clean chit’ to him. Even the BCCI statute on “conflict of interest’ needs to be changed to prevent such future problems. It is time for Srini to chose one between BCCI and CSK.

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Bodh Ramdeo
BCCI Buys time for Srinivasan
by Bodh Ramdeo on Sep 07, 2014 09:39 PM

This is what's so horribly wrong with this country...With over 1.25 billion to choose from, they can only find one man...this Srinivasan person, who is indispensable????

This is the reason why corruption will never be eradicated from this backward, corruption-riven land of filth and squalor.

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Sudhanshu sharma
by Sudhanshu sharma on Sep 07, 2014 08:22 PM  | Hide replies

is just playing with whole judiciary system and making mockery of it. not a single person can do anything about this.

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sam raj
Re: he
by sam raj on Sep 07, 2014 11:38 PM
Why would SC poke its nose when there is a committee responsible for a BCCI president election

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