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'V V S Laxman told me I should only think about Test cricket'

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Subodha Barik
no. i am expecting . but u not showing this
by Subodha Barik on Nov 05, 2014 10:28 PM

donot worroy.

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by Muhammed on Nov 01, 2014 08:59 AM

batsmen like him won't be able to do anything on Australian tour (if given chance)

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chalu maal
by chalu maal on Oct 31, 2014 01:17 PM  | Hide replies

Will never get a chance despite of performing consistently in domestic cricket. He is a way better batsman and fielder than some of Dhobi's pets. That ZahhilJhknd Guy has destroyed the careers of meny promising youngstars..

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Varadarajan Ravindran
Re: Manoj
by Varadarajan Ravindran on Nov 01, 2014 06:16 AM
Dhoni is a corrupt guy in the Congress mold.

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Partha Sharma
Re: Manoj
by Partha Sharma on Oct 31, 2014 01:35 PM
You are absolutely right. I am with you. The list is big.

1. Wriddiman Saha
2. Stuart Binny
3. Dinesh Karthik
4. Manoj Tiwary
5. Dhaval Kulkarni
6. Sanju Samson
7. Robin Uthappa
8. Manish Pandey
9. Rahil dravid (During the final days before retirement--- Humiliation)

List goes very big....

Time for him to realize....

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chalu maal
Re: Re: Manoj
by chalu maal on Oct 31, 2014 02:58 PM
Thanks. Add Amit Mishra, Yuvi, Gautam, Sehwag, Yousuf Pathan,Harbhajan too.

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Re: Re: Re: Manoj
by maverick on Oct 31, 2014 03:38 PM
plz add sreesanth to that list too.. i still remember the t20 world cup 2007 semi's where sree was on fire and clean bowled gilchrist and hayden.. obv he deserved the mom, but as usual bhajji got it.. and in the presentation dhoni didnt even mention a single thing about sree.. sree is crazy but i reckon a lot of his craziness stems from his frustration as to how he was being dealt/ignored by dhoni and his chamchas.. bhajji, yuvi, praveen kumar, raina (obv he is still playing) are his big time chamchas..

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dreamer formerlytaklu
Re: Re: Re: Re: Manoj
by dreamer formerlytaklu on Oct 31, 2014 05:02 PM
if you remember the 2007 t20 semis, you would know bhajji was not mom for that game. and, sree is mostly responsible for wrecking his own career. either way, the game you're talking about is a memorable one..whether it's about sree, bhajji , yuvi, joginder etc.

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Aniket Lal
Re: Manoj
by Aniket Lal on Oct 31, 2014 03:03 PM
Manoj ,I totally agree with you .

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