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qwert poiuy
by qwert poiuy on Nov 06, 2014 01:43 PM  | Hide replies

Match fixing was happening under his nose. Under his captainship. A child could tell that azar was giving lollypops for opponent to catch. Jadeja, Mongiya all admitted later in front of CBI

It was his job to spot it and pull up his player. When the crime is happening, He does nothing, says nothing. Now he writes memoirs and says nothing on the issue!! He is spineless publicity seeker fit to be a politician.

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dhananjay kumar
Re: Endulkar
by dhananjay kumar on Nov 07, 2014 04:41 PM
he didn't even replied to his critics such great politics

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Re: sachin
by jithu on Nov 06, 2014 11:22 AM
Are you not selfish? In your 20 or 30 odd years of life, were you never selfish? Didn't you make mistakes?

Just imagine, always hundreds of cameras will be covering Sachin, each and everything will become a news, see how he has maintained down to earth in his 25 years tenure..

If he is a selfish person, he can not act for 25 years.. one day or other he will be proven in front of world.. so don't judge sachin character by just seeing 1 or 2 innings in TV.. Who knows that could be the team plan ..

If he was really selfish, then he would have scored his double century long back playing for singles in the death overs..

Go and ask your mom and dad about Sachin if you don't know..

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Message deleted by moderator
by poorobcgeorge on Nov 06, 2014 12:31 AM  | Hide replies

all 4 sitting belong to dreadedUPPERCASTE. once again proved this lazy game is for uppercastescums

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Mind Clear
Re: nice
by Mind Clear on Nov 06, 2014 02:17 AM
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