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10 BEST catches from IPL first leg in the UAE

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World Bank
Re: Wipro is Recruited LTTEs, BangaliNAXALS &TeroristMalbarie
by World Bank on May 03, 2014 09:24 PM
SaudiGovt has asked Shiite Wipro Arabia Toimplemented SaudiModelNitaqat to bring large number of SaudiNational into the WiproArabia, WiproArabia still not recruited saudis so far.

Wipro is Recruited LTTEs, BangaliNAXALS &TeroristMalbaries to Counter AlQueda Customers in the GulfCountries.

Azima Premji is a college DropOut, he never completed his graduation, he always term his DropOut as advange i Indian Business.
Azima Premji must give chance to all underGraguates to work for wipro.

AzemPremji is CapitalistDictator, he is veryProudy, he always peoclaim the richest man of india.

Azim Fremji has supported his son RishadFremji in multiple rape & marriage of RSS girl (Aditi in 2005) in mumbai. Secret news agency reported that the girl belong to RSS & SANG Parivar.

RishadFremji is having illegal, illicit secondWife SangitaSingh in Wipro.

When it comes to philanthropy, he made fool to whole world saying that he has donated Rs 8000 crore to AzemPremji orphanage Foundation.

He made fool entire nation by moving the Billions of Dollars to his familyMember in the name of philanthropy, he don't have any right to donate the money.
As these money is belongs to ShareHolder, Employees of wipro.
Premji Purchased 600 Acres of Land in bangalore from BJP by bribing billions of dollars.

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KuldeepArora IBmGurgoan
Re: Re: Wipro is Recruited LTTEs, BangaliNAXALS &TeroristMalb
by KuldeepArora IBmGurgoan on May 03, 2014 09:38 PM

Many Onsite employees complained the US&UK govt that wipro is not
paying the salaries which is stipulated in the H1B, L1 Visas.

Many petitions are pending in the US,UK & Indin courts against the wipro for TAX Frauds & cheating USImmegartions.

wipro is providing employemnt to 1Lakhs people, but Wipro has removed 10 lakhs from the company so far based on their profit, by creating lakhs of unemployemnet.
for example wipro has removed Vivek Paul, Paranjpe & Vaswani ...like there are millions people outside.

Wipro must be nationalized to saveguarding the Indian employee's interest for long term jobs in the Indian employment market.

Azima Premji is a college DropOut, he never completed his graduation, Azima Premji must recruit all underGraguates to work for wipro.

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