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Police to seek further custody of Meiyappan

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sathish kumar adi
by sathish kumar adi on May 25, 2013 04:28 PM

Britishers were ruling India
Now scame and corruption masters are ruling India.
India will always be ruled by some one else because there is no self discipline, no self dignity and there is no unity among the public.
Every new generation is same and our DNA is filled with the same bad thoughts. India is a poor country but Indians are rich.

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satish desh
by satish desh on May 25, 2013 02:43 PM

Why Mandira Bedi was there at media studio in a spl comentetors box in bikini all thetime?Why Priti Zinta,Nita Ambani,Shilpa Shetti and etc are seen resting on a chest and in hands of players like Harbhajan,Geyle and others?Why there are chear girls are thre and why Nina Gupta ,Sharmilas are out without playing cricket?It is a big show and all connected with it are artistes and no commen man are cheted with them.But Commen man are cheted by Corruption in government organisations.This is all to thow the dust in commen man s eye and to divert the minds of commen men.

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