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Cops have nothing on Meiyappan, only want to question him

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meaning of Meiyappan
by wcpak on May 23, 2013 11:29 PM  | Hide replies

I spoke to a couple of my Tam friends. They say that Meiyappan means he will always be truthful!!!!!

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Sameer Bhagwat
Lot of money
by Sameer Bhagwat on May 23, 2013 08:02 PM  | Hide replies

Lot of money will now exchange hands to keep the big names out . Its clear everyone from Shukla to Srinivasan is involved. But this will be now not go anywhere. They will be let free.

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veerapuram dharan
Re: Lot of money
by veerapuram dharan on May 23, 2013 08:04 PM
first of all, who gave the tip off and how come without seeking higherups permission, the police acted in such high profile ones, which they do usually

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Sameer Bhagwat
Re: Re: Lot of money
by Sameer Bhagwat on May 23, 2013 09:21 PM
There is further politics, the Commissioner is set to retire in one month and the politicians wnated him out before that. That's the reason this came out in the first place . Rst assured Big names are involved and this will not be allowed to come out.Already there is pressure to take the DGP out of this case.

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veerapuram dharan
how come
by veerapuram dharan on May 23, 2013 08:01 PM

howiz that our cops have been diligent in initiating actions in such high profile cases? our cops are not famous for proactive roles but they are always reactive after long time. there must be someone or something behind these things. though it is commendable to what has happened so far. still it sounds fishy...

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Sensor Technologies
Please Stop
by Sensor Technologies on May 23, 2013 07:51 PM

If the cops nothing on guru why question him ? Is it a Ploy to take control of BCCI from a south.. ?

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sakar panch
by sakar panch on May 23, 2013 05:57 PM  | Hide replies

Nita's money in full play!!!! Possible opponents targetted to win.

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Indian Saint
Re: Nita
by Indian Saint on May 23, 2013 06:57 PM
Real match between Mumbai and Chennai. Mumbai will win this

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damodaran mohan
by damodaran mohan on May 23, 2013 05:55 PM

....test msg...????????////////

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damodaran mohan
by damodaran mohan on May 23, 2013 05:47 PM

....if Cops have nothing on Meiyappan, then why do they only want to question him ?...and stranger still .. w/o questioning him how do the cops conclude beforehand they have nothing on Meiyappan ! Such conclusions by our investigator is only expected considering that .the ‘caged parrot’ in the Rly bribery case says… “no evidence against P K Bansal “. CBI or Police Investigation in our country has become a big joke.... must be worse than in other 3rd world countries...especially on matters of match fixing or terror…police would come out with loads of information on alleged offenders..match fixers..spot fixers..names of cricketers..celebreties….perhaps only to titillate the people on TV ..right from say 1993..2000.2003..2011 and now 2013 ..but on every occasion ..no evidence… all are …. innocent and ultimately on every occasion only one fellow is guilty---Dawood Ibrahim of the D-gang in Pakistan under ISI’s protection and rest all are innocent. And he can’t be touched …only we can view the same picture of the smuggler Don in Pakistan wearing dark glasses holding the white telephone handset on our TV channels whenever a match fixing scandal breaks out …..has become a routine for over two decades now .

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