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Bindra slams Dalmiya for accepting interim BCCI post

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kumar kn
by kumar kn on Jun 19, 2013 07:43 AM

Bhindra is the only one who has come out with his reputation intact in the ongoing mess in BCCI.That Srinivasan has brought in Dalmiya to cover up his wrongdoings is widely known.Dalmiya is playing the game for Srini.Even after weeks,the investigation has not started in match fixing.One of the judges appointed Chowta has said that they have not received any information or instructions from BCCI and don't know what they are supposed to do or when to start the work.Srini and gang want the public to slowly forget the matter. Sheeshant,Gurunath and gang have all gone home.Shukla has resigned.Jetley has gone abroad. End of matter.BCCI is again fooling the public and we are falling for their show.

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by Ashwin on Jun 19, 2013 02:10 AM

Mr.Bindra, when then whole Country, particularly the Center, is worried more about contesting for the most/worst corrupt person, in the World, where are you? Why do you expect Dalmia not to accept or to be any better man, if he is not? If there is some honest person, who can question his decision, there may be some reason or hesitation. But no one who can question is himself/herself any less corrupt. Dont think, corruption is just money but more to do with the corrupt mind and then money.

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