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Kundra slams media for 'derogatory statements'

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Priya patel
Oh ! No.
by Priya patel on Jun 07, 2013 10:39 AM

No PANGA with Media, as not good for health.
Be Candid and upfront.

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Kundra slams media for derogatory statments against him
by P S on Jun 07, 2013 09:43 AM

No one will wonder that a person named Raj Kundra who also organise free style wrestling matches where results are decided well in advance could not have managed to done the same thing with his own team Rajasthan Royal in IPL ? You may write anything against the media but it is always a media who plays a major and important role than the other investigating agencies to expose many illegal acts and bring the truth on surface. Raj and Shilpa may write anything on their twitter which is out of their frusturation on being publicly exposed but they will have to prepare themselves to reply to many answers on their involvement in the spot fixing. Mr Raj Kundra should remember very well that betting in India is illegal unlike in Britain .

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kumar kn
by kumar kn on Jun 07, 2013 09:17 AM  | Hide replies

Kundra's statements criticizing the Media for highlighting his betting is not good.He has himself admitted to betting as per Delhi Police commissioner's statement.Whatever he wants to reveal, why doesn't he do so now and clear the air?These celebraties bask in media glare when the going is good and when caught doing something wrong blame everyone except themselves.What hypocracy?IPL has become a big tamasha and should be stopped for a year or two till the rot is cleaned.It was so pleasant to watch the Chamions Trophy match yesterday without any advertisements and film personalities,cheer leaders,etc.This is how
cricket matches should be.

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sheetal mishra
Re: Kundra
by sheetal mishra on Jun 07, 2013 09:23 AM
every one know delhi commissioner Mr. neeraj kumar for his unwanted statement and supporting his police staff.

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Turning point
by Maximum on Jun 07, 2013 08:09 AM

Arrogant Rohit Sharma's wicket. The typical slow innings almost paralyzed the score. Dhoni should be getting big money to retain this burden in the team.

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When the Press were friendly
by Pradip on Jun 07, 2013 06:46 AM

When the Press was friendly SS would be only go home to change her clothes; now when the "heat" is on look at their original colors!



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Shrikar D
IPL Circus
by Shrikar D on Jun 07, 2013 02:24 AM

We have once again proven that we are incapable of policing ourselves & therefore probably need outside help, like someone from FIFA (or even American sport) who manages professional elite sports tournaments. Given the amount of money involved, there are probably a dozen more Kundras, Sreesanths & Vindoo Singhs for each one that has been caught.

It is time we legalized sports-betting. There is obviously a big market for it in India & we will provide a legal avenue for folks to place bets with legitimate & documented funds (white money). Once that’s done, we can then concentrate on eliminating match/spot fixing properly.

In the meantime, the BCCI needs to suspend all IPL games for atleast another two seasons, clean house & then restart with completely revamped rules & regulations.

This IPL in its current form is nothing but a circus with too many outsiders & has destroyed the very soul of our favorite sport.

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top to bottom fixing in ckt.
by vinay on Jun 06, 2013 10:23 PM

from top to bottom fixing in ckt!
after mayyapan chennai team owner, now is the time of kundra the owner of rajasthan team, whose cktrs found to b fixing. the main culprits r these owners n bcci coterie of officials n above all v r the culprits who r preying these demi-g00ds (rather demi-d00gs).

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atul budhraja
Kundera and co
by atul budhraja on Jun 06, 2013 10:00 PM

As the gossip goes that a lot of high profile people are involved
In betting kindly note why the police is going slow in disclosing or questioning
These people involved in some sort of betting.why not name and question them
In one go

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Sunil Kumar
Double Standards
by Sunil Kumar on Jun 06, 2013 08:55 PM  | Hide replies

Raj Kundra & Shilpa Shetty were darlings of the media till a month back. They happily accepted the media spotlight on them when they were at matches - many websites & newspapers splashed many photos of them. They even brought their kid along to increase the star value of news. Now when they're being paid back in the same coin, they criticise the media.

These people should learn from Aamir Khan who does not attend award function to receive an award.

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Re: Double Standards
by vinay on Jun 06, 2013 10:24 PM
true. the mischievous thieves r coming out from ipl tamasha.

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Zubaida Shankar
Re: Double Standards
by Zubaida Shankar on Jun 07, 2013 09:51 AM

Ammir Khan does not attend award functions
because of the following reasons

1. He cant appreciate others getting awards

2. He is afraid he may never get award all the time so reject it.

Those two were broadly classified reasons but there is more to it. In Clinical psychiatry his ststus of mind can be termed "Paranoia" .

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samudra blr
I feel sad to say that the corporate heads are getting messy
by samudra blr on Jun 06, 2013 08:48 PM  | Hide replies

I feel sad to say that the corporate heads are getting messy.
Shilpa Shetty was the Big Brother contest.
Raj Kundra well known business man.

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Re: I feel sad to say that the corporate heads are getting messy
by vinay on Jun 06, 2013 10:25 PM
so what? big brother is also a dramatic non-sense. that doesnt raise shilpa's or name!

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