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SLC refutes arm-twisting claims; Bindra stands by them

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Arv Singh
Cricket - A Dirty sport
by Arv Singh on Jun 03, 2013 08:34 PM

The incest between Srinivasan, BCCI, Tamilnadu Cricket Association, Chennai Super Kings, India Cement, MS Dhoni, Rhiti Sports, UP Players, and K Srikkanth stands exposed now.

So now you know why some players always found their way in the team with their connections with these murky bodies.

1. Raina, Jadeja, Asswin, M Vijay, RP Singh, P Chawla, R Sharma were preferred as they enjoyed the backing of Rhiti Sports in which Indian Captain MS Dhoni had 15% share until April 2013.

2. Now we know why Harbhajan was omitted from the team to make way for R Asswin who stayed in the team despite being a total flop against Australia, England, and Pakistan.

3. Sri Lanka officials and players are willing partners in this and SL-T20 is a child of Indian IPL. They will hide the facts that a CSK and Indian player spent a night with a girl brought in by a bookie.

4. Srinivasan is a manipulating businessman who ran BCCI in a murky and unprofessional way. He had his hands in Tamilnadu CA, CSK, BCCI, and controlled the puppet show led by K Srikkanth and MS Dhoni.

5. Dalmiya is an able administrator but he needs total control to make BCCI transparent. He is best served by partnering with another honest able administrator IS Bindra.

Only time will tell if Dalmiya is able to succeed in his mission or he is going to be thwarted by behind the scene manipulations by Srinivasan, MS Dhoni, and co.

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such jano
ts getting funny
by such jano on Jun 03, 2013 07:54 PM


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