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Man arrested for online betting on Ind-Aus Test

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by brettleeme on Feb 24, 2013 12:16 AM  | Hide replies


Oz is a fresh air country, Ind is smelly

Oz r champs, Ind are chumps

Ind v Aus

Test record against each other

In Aus- Aus leads 26-5

In Ind- Aus leads 15-12

It confirms India is a joke and Aus are champs forever.

Never mind that Oz has a poppulation of 22 million and India have 1.3 billion

And in Ind, it is only cricket whereas in Aus, AFL, NRL, RUGBY and SOCCER compete with cricket.

Bye Bye

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martin descent
Re: facts
by martin descent on Feb 24, 2013 12:47 AM
Let me add some more India has Culture of thoudand years Aus was born out of criminals just hubdred years back Indians respect their family n parents Australians leave their parents alone Indians have intellectual and spiritual power while Australia slums to material and body desires Indians are respected mostly in the world for thier knowledge and brains while Australians are only piece of meat the last but not the least India if united can buy Australia anytime Now sleep peacefully

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