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'Slight mistake' in the circular forced BCCI to cancel meeting

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tadepalli prasad
BCCI ........
by tadepalli prasad on Aug 05, 2013 10:13 AM

Mr.Arun jaitley is known to stand up on his feet at the slightest act from congress taking a high moral ground!but.look at his conspicuous silence on Bombay highcourt verdict!!That's why it is said that a persons mettle shows up when someone is put in a trying situation!

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Doctor Snow
by Doctor Snow on Aug 03, 2013 11:31 AM

Is a (Political)Game played British.


Any Nation that plays that game is ruled by the BRITISH.

Any National who plays that game admires GREAT BRITAIN and will wag his or her tail to GREAT BRITAIN

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Balwinder Kang
SN is so transparent : you can see thro' his every move!
by Balwinder Kang on Aug 02, 2013 11:19 PM

When controversy about Guru’s involvement in betting / match-fixing broke out, SN-India Cement had voluntarily assured SN-BCCI that if they want to probe, SN-India Cements will co-operate. Now that SN-Panel has exonerated SN what’s big fuss about HC decision? SN has again assured that SN-Dalmia can run SN-BCCI show till SC decision. What more transparency media wants?

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Anil De
Mr N Srinivasan is too greedy to hang on to the post!
by Anil De on Aug 02, 2013 07:59 PM  | Hide replies

Hon'ble court may like to debar Mr N Srinivasan for ever from holding on to the post of BCCI President.

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don dicosta
Re: Mr N Srinivasan is too greedy to hang on to the post!
by don dicosta on Aug 02, 2013 08:15 PM
He should simply go with little respect he now has

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usha sundaram
Re: Re: Mr N Srinivasan is too greedy to hang on to the post!
by usha sundaram on Aug 02, 2013 10:33 PM
Respect! a businessmen hobnobbing with crookish politicans, does he know what respect means. These are power hungry wolves in sheeps' clothing.

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