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Tendulkar, Zaheer to play Ranji opener against Railways

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kuldeep shah
Sachin please aim to play TEST CRICKET till 2015
by kuldeep shah on Oct 27, 2012 10:54 AM

Dear Sachin ,
Please make sure you carry on playing test cricket till next world cup and win that for india too in australia . Motivate yourself much more and aim to play cricket till next worldcup. So that your test cricket is safe and no one ever breaks that record . Your ODI record is unattainable and unbreakable, unless your son ARJUN starts to play at age of 17or18. I want and whole india public wants to see you play last TEST MATCH with arjun tendulkar in MUMBAI so that you can pass on your highly ethical and unbelievabily integrity to pass on to your son .
Your sincerely and true wisher
Just 1 of your fan

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cc man
Sachin and Zaheer wants to show their liabilities
by cc man on Oct 26, 2012 10:40 PM  | Hide replies

After having shown their liabilities in T20 and ODI, they want to prove that they are liabilities in domestic cricket too.

Especially Mr jogger Zaheer is all about hype. worst bowler in indian cricket

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S Shrikanth
Re: Sachin and Zaheer wants to show their liabilities
by S Shrikanth on Oct 27, 2012 09:45 AM
Hehe. Nice one. Both are determined to show that they are liabilities in all formats of the game. :-)

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amit kawatkar
Redicoulose to know that Sachin & Zaheer Playing in Ranji
by amit kawatkar on Oct 26, 2012 06:31 PM  | Hide replies

Here you go again Sachin & Zaheer blocking youngsters talent.What ehy need to prove now in Ranji having played for India for 23 years.We ccan understand if someone is making comeback in his middle age.These guys are done & dusted for their Career in Indian Cricket.What else needed now for Sachin.Please resign and make way for Youngsters.Everyone wants to shine in this Indian Cricket team you have lived your dream now allow others oppourtunity to do so.

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QandA QandA
Re: Redicoulose to know that Sachin & Zaheer Playing in Ranji
by QandA QandA on Oct 26, 2012 07:57 PM
Abey Ghochu, they want them to play and are begging from them.. This is a solid marketing for those clubs to attract new talent and also crowds that bring in more tickets. Also people give more donations to these Ranji teams that have their favorite players..

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