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Special unit to handle BCCI-IPL tax cases

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Ting Tang
Sponsors and Cricket Fans MUST Unite to DUMP Test Cricket Now
by Ting Tang on Jul 08, 2012 10:13 AM

Hope BCCI Ban Test Cricket&Ranji Crocket&Duleep Trophy cricket forever and supports ONLY One day matches of 50 over and 20 over variety only since poor nations like us Must not waste millions of working hours every year by playing long duration matches.The game of CRICKET was intoduced by crooked and wicked british looters, like making and marketing of mahatma gandhii and non-violence dirty trick to make all majority hindus mmorrns and ennuchs and cowards forever and the past 64 years shows that the crooked britishers were successful to make us a BANANA REPUBLIC of majority morrons with their dirty games, we must BAN Test Cricket forever and WE must shout that we will not allow Boring and Poverty-producing and useless TEST CRICKET to make us poorer any more. One day cricket or t20 or t30 cricket ONLY must be allowed and THEY MUST BE ALLOWED TO BE PLAYED ONLY ON WEEK-ENDS OR HOLIDAYS so that we do not lose millions of working hours of men and women and youth any more and we do not remain poor forever due to useless and time-wasting and Boring TEST Cricket too. All patrrioti c citizens and sponsors MUST BOYCOT TEST Cricket and ranji and dulepp trophy cricket FORVER if they love the nation and want the nation to be supoer power in next 20 or 25 years too!

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