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Sawani to head BCCI's new anti-corruption unit

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by suppandi on May 15, 2012 09:26 AM

Can he get arrested mr.Srinivasan

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Vikram Sheth
Corruption in BCCI at the Top!
by Vikram Sheth on May 15, 2012 01:08 AM  | Hide replies

Mr. Ravi Sawani are you going to look into why was previous secretary ousted and by whom and for what?

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Indian First
Re: Corruption in BCCI at the Top!
by Indian First on May 15, 2012 06:34 PM
INDIA MUST Ban TEST CRICKET and MUST refuse to PLAY Test Cricket and Longer versions of cricket matches Immediately!Seeing all the excitement of One day criket and T20 matches and seeing excitement of One Day Matches, Anna Hazare&team of patriots MUST write and OPEN letter toICC and to all governments to BAN Boring and never-ending and time-wasting TEST Cricket and ranji cricket, duleep trophy cricket ets FOREVER? shame ann ahazareand patriots are NOT making a national agitation to BAN poverty producing andtime-wasting and BORING Test CRicket Forever? The exciting One day matches compared toBoringandNever-endingandTime-wastingTEST matches Prove why TEST matches and Ranji &dulpee trophy macthes MUSTe Banned in Poor nations since they cannot afford to WASTE Millions of man or wowman hours every year! This wastage of time has made us POOR adnd Backward aswished by the british crooks who imported this game like improting the mahatmaand non-violence dirty trick to make hindus morrons and ennuchs and lazyforever too! ! What a Shame! ONLY One day cricketmatches, 50 over or 20 over or 10 over games must be ALLOWED to be Played in our country and ONLY on week-ends of Holidays so that we DO NOT waste millions ofhours every year and To prevent us becoming a Poor nation forever too!

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