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Silly Point: The curious case of UDRS!

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Bada Bhai
by Bada Bhai on Mar 08, 2011 09:32 PM  | Hide replies

Dilshan has been our best performer over the last few years. He has won us so many games so we just want him to go out and we want him to be focused and keep his aggression- said Sangakkara after Dilshan-Tait showdown

Do you think Dilshan and Tait were exchanging pleasanteries..definitely they would have got personal, but then look at Sangakaara,how he dealt with the situation
Look at idiot Dhoni how he behaved after Sreesanth-Smith episode
Licking the feet of opposing captain than supporting his team mate..waste fellow
bringing in politics and personal grudges in the team

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Naganagouda Patil
Re: Compare
by Naganagouda Patil on Mar 08, 2011 10:31 PM
What is politics Mr B B ,and expect you to encourage rude behaviours of Sreesanth ? really you are great ?
What politics your KSrikanth is doing ?

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Bada Bhai
Re: Re: Compare
by Bada Bhai on Mar 08, 2011 10:57 PM
By the way Mr. Patil did you read the news today that Tait has agreed that he sledged Dilshan deliberately..to destabilize him mentally..
So you think that Smith is saints when Sree sledged them..
even SA players were sledging..

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Message deleted by moderator
Re: Compare
by iamdon on Mar 08, 2011 10:07 PM
Dilshan ≠ Sreesanth just as
Cake ≠ Manure

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Bada Bhai
Re: Compare
by Bada Bhai on Mar 08, 2011 10:53 PM
Mr.Patil have you seen or heard the Aussies sledging…possibly no..they are the worst.. Sreesanth may be nothing in front of them..I am not justifying Sree or Aussies
It is not your fault..because like many you think like the yes man of whites…when they sledge it is fine, but when you give it back in their language it is deemed as rude behaviour ..
come on man grow up..matches are not played between saints..these whites have to be told that.. you get back what you do
I was only comparing Sanga’s and Dhoni’s reaction to a similar episode..captains always stand by their players in worst of worst situations..Dhoni could have rebuked Sree in private ( which Sanga may have also done earlier on many occasions..remember Sehwag incident), but then don’t highlight it in public..
I have no doubt that the useless Dhoni is a big politician..I don’t want to comment on Srikkanth because I did not raise it..you raised..why don’t you stick to the topic

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Re: Re: Compare
by vinay on Mar 09, 2011 12:47 AM
sledging shud b banned whether from ausis or indians. theres no place of it in ckt.

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Ramesh Nath
UDRS has been a big issue
by Ramesh Nath on Mar 08, 2011 05:53 PM  | Hide replies

The UDRS is sort of isulting the umpires..should be there but shud be used with discretion...bang on point guys

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Re: UDRS has been a big issue
by iamdon on Mar 08, 2011 10:09 PM
Useless Doubtful Response System.
Uparkut Doosra Reversweep Strategy.

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Re: UDRS has been a big issue
by ALOK BHATTACHARYA on Mar 08, 2011 11:12 PM
UDRS is going to create big problem
in this WC. 2.5 meter theory is
bullshit. Hawkeye can't gauge the
bounce of ball correctly because pitch is not table top. Decision
should be left to umpires only.
Alok Bhattacharya

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Against Pseudos
Re: Re: UDRS has been a big issue
by Against Pseudos on Mar 10, 2011 05:14 AM
Thanx for supporting ICC.... Yuvi and Dhoni don't get YOUR point and keep bashing on-field umpires and talk some non-sense about "adulteration" etc... ;-)

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