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Dhoni, Bhajji, Sehwag go topless in new ad

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by faltu on Jan 12, 2011 07:36 PM  | Hide replies

if they r topless they get money!
if we are topless

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Re: money!
by Indian on Jan 13, 2011 06:53 AM
then you get money to cover yourself up ;-)

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righty rightwinger
by righty rightwinger on Jan 12, 2011 06:22 PM

yuvraj singh would have had the maximum area to paint on his body given his fantastic "physique" :P

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chowdhary raza
For Money anything can do
by chowdhary raza on Jan 12, 2011 05:47 PM


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They look like street dancers
by ravitalisma on Jan 12, 2011 05:40 PM  | Hide replies

These pics makes them look like some street dancers, shame they have sold themselves to this extent. No doubt they will be sold during worldcup for match fixing.

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the hero
Re: They look like street dancers
by the hero on Jan 12, 2011 06:04 PM
if u were in there place, u would also have done the same....
money matters...'
n this is their constitutional freedom to do as they want...

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Ashok Tandon
by Ashok Tandon on Jan 12, 2011 05:37 PM  | Hide replies

this shirtless and topless business was started by Dada saurav ganguly

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Re: Dada
by RCB on Jan 12, 2011 07:47 PM
but the good thing was tat he did tat not for money... it was something lik giving back wat he got frm flintoff...

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kumar kn
Shirts off Ad
by kumar kn on Jan 12, 2011 05:31 PM  | Hide replies

For money,our cricketers will strip all the way down and paint themselves blue.What a stupid Ad ! Have some pride,guys. Are you fellows cricketers or some female models or film stars like Salman?Just because some Ad guy comes with a stupid Ad line,like most of the present ones,you people go along with him for money.Let the Ad be something to do with cricket and inspirational.

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Re: Shirts off Ad
by ravitalisma on Jan 12, 2011 05:34 PM
MONEY the bottom line, they will play for other country also if they pay huge amount. No stopping. gone are the days when they were identified with country they were born now money represents them

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Devdutt Nayak
problem with some Indian cricketers sometimes
by Devdutt Nayak on Jan 12, 2011 05:16 PM  | Hide replies

Merely for the record a little perspective:
I'm just stating some known facts and obvious deductions:

So many matches are scripted or fixed. So very many.
But they behave as our saviours and invoke our consciences, while their own is worse than ours.

Plus they have *egos* - big God Egos.

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Re: problem with some Indian cricketers sometimes
by Govinda on Jan 12, 2011 05:25 PM
Man I have heard that Sachin rejected the ad because he doesnt want to endorse liquor. Dhoni had agreed for 3 year contract and will be promoting liquors, etc....Soon you can expect Dhoni in blue film as well. He will do anything for money.

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Re: Re: problem with some Indian cricketers sometimes
by faltu on Jan 12, 2011 07:39 PM
is it in blue color - i mean blue film

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Krishna Infotech
So Suresh Raina needed a break for this Ad......Hai na Mr. Dhoni
by Krishna Infotech on Jan 12, 2011 05:13 PM

Suresh Raina had asked for a break from the New Zealand One day series for rest....... What a joke man. This Ad was supposed to be shot so he got the rest. Dhoni has never asked for rest for any players.....So why Suresh Raina.....Now u know.......

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