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Pakistan''s tainted trio charged by ICC

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Pakis now days look bit like Chinese
by ravitalisma on Sep 03, 2010 01:02 PM

Is there any reason Pakis look like Chinese now days? may be a deal cut for nuclear supply Paki provide something?

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ICC suspend means?
by ravitalisma on Sep 03, 2010 12:59 PM

ICC has suspended 3 paki players does that indicate, ICC found them initially guilty?? Otherwise they wouldnt have bothered to take such step. Why cant they directly announce the verdict instead? Any way Pak is a failed country for them it makes no difference

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MM Nagar
by MM Nagar on Sep 03, 2010 11:34 AM  | Hide replies

v can c 3 idiots in above snap! :)

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kalpesh shah
Re: v
by kalpesh shah on Sep 03, 2010 11:41 AM

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Akhilesh Chellani
Re: v
by Akhilesh Chellani on Sep 03, 2010 12:03 PM
lolzzzzzzzzzzz & Veenamalik's snap also available at other forum

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all efforts to save cktrs will start now.
by vinay on Sep 03, 2010 10:59 AM

even during ausi tour, when porkis didnt score 120 runs to win, it was a fixed game by porkis to lose.
even pcb n everybody knew n slapped ban on cktrs like yusuf n younis. only thing, they didnt disclose the real reasons to ppl.
but then pcb begged to such fixers for their comeback n lift the ban.

even now, pcb r just trying to calm down the matter n they vl agn do eyewash on ppl.

the icc n cktrs r biggest fixers n v the fans vl always b fooled by their gimmicks due to our short memories.

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Srinivasan Iyer
Innocent till proved guilty!
by Srinivasan Iyer on Sep 03, 2010 10:09 AM

This is the basis of law in the UK and most respected countries in the world. The guilt of the players in question must be proved in a court of law and not on the word of the bookie or the newspaper report based on what they heard from the bookie involved. Spot fixing has to be distinguished from match fixing. Heavy fine and a period of suspension should be awarded if found guilty!!

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Watch Football: 8th September India vs Tailand,1830 Zee sports
by Parichay on Sep 03, 2010 10:00 AM  | Hide replies

India is having two friendlies against Thailand as their preparation for AFC 2011. First one is in Bangkok tomorrow. Second one is in Delhi 8th September and will be telecasted by Zee sports from 1830 in evening ... LIVE!!! India has played 8 practice matches in Portugal against 2nd division and 3rd division clubs with 6 win 2 loss 2 draw. Now it is the chance to improve the ranking playing against higher rank teams and also check how much they are prepared for AFC before taking on mighty Aussies, North Koreans and Bahrain in their AFC group

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Re: Watch Football: 8th September India vs Tailand,1830 Zee sport
by Parichay on Sep 03, 2010 10:01 AM
6 wins, 2 draws and lost 2 matches.
Summery of Portugal tour -

28th Aug :Friendly (Portugal ) :India ( N.S.Manju ) 1 - 1 Finodivelas F.C
24th Aug :Friendly (Portugal )India (Chettri 2, N.P.Pradeep) 3 - 2 Sertanense F.C.
19th Aug :Friendly (Portugal )):India (Chettri 2, Susil Singh ) 3 - 1 (Pedro) Uniao Desportiva da Serra
18th Aug :Friendly (Portugal ):India 0 - 1 (Bonifacio) Clube Desportivo de Mafra
12th Aug :Friendly (Portugal ):India (Md. Rafi) 1 - 0 Real Massama SC
11th Aug :Friendly (Portugal ):India 0 - 0 Casa Pia AC .
06th Aug :Friendly (Portugal ):India 0 - 1 SU Sintrense
05th Aug :Friendly (Portugal ):India (Md. Rafi) 1 - 0 Atletico
29th July :Friendly (Portugal ):India (Mohammed Rafi 2, Anthony Pereira, Renedy Singh, Clifford Miranda,Abhishek Yadav) 6 - 2 Desportivo Monsanto
28th July :Friendly (Portugal ): India (Abhishek Yadav, NP Pradeep, Steven Dias, Baldeep Singh) 4 - 1 Caldas SC

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PCB's stand
by Ravi on Sep 03, 2010 09:54 AM

After a few days, enquiry will be closed. Players will go scot free as Paksitan board will not be able to find any proof. Same as in case of terroists who operate from Pakistan. It is for the ICC and British Policde to present proofs and punish pakistani players and PCB.

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Total Seven Sinners have to be banned for life !
by whatswrongpeople on Sep 03, 2010 09:49 AM

Those who are supporting Pakisttani players should be banned from playing IPL. ShamelessSRK should be made shutup. Any IPL team buying these players should be banned from IPL.

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om shanti
by om shanti on Sep 03, 2010 09:09 AM  | Hide replies

This news is not going to do any benefit to our country or our people,so I donot understand why it should be number 1 news under the headline section..good day to all !

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Re: .
by whatswrongpeople on Sep 03, 2010 09:50 AM
As usual looking for "Ours" hehehe !
Ban Pakkistani people entering our country !

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