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Kumble starts new innings as TV analyst

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ajay bhathire
Change the article.
by ajay bhathire on Jun 07, 2009 12:01 PM  | Hide replies

Change the article. The link shows about Kirsten comments and but it directs to some other article. This is not the first time. Rediff has done these hundred times before. Their movie reviews are mostly bad, they will keep weeks old articles in their home page. They update it after a long time.

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ajay bhathire
Re: Change the article.
by ajay bhathire on Jun 07, 2009 06:47 PM
Still the link directs to this page. This shows that rediff sucks.

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Ramakrishnan Janakiraman
The truth will come out in few years
by Ramakrishnan Janakiraman on Jun 07, 2009 11:38 AM

The truth about the team rift will definitely come out in a few years in the form of Gary's Auto biography !!

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suresh mehra
sachin v/s kumble
by suresh mehra on Jun 06, 2009 02:15 PM  | Hide replies

one is batting maestro d other spin wizard ... but unfortunately india didnt win world cup ... lets hope tht youngistan wil lift 2011 WC under dhoni

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Rajagopal Rajagopal
Re: sachin v/s kumble
by Rajagopal Rajagopal on Jun 06, 2009 04:08 PM
india has won the world cup on 1983 under one more legend kapidev, hope you are not sure. this time dhoni and his young guns will win the world cup 2011

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sixto dsilva
Nice indiividual in Gentleman game
by sixto dsilva on Jun 05, 2009 06:23 PM

During his peaktime he mismerised all the individual and earned a name for himeself. When i was young I always used to like his bowling , he used take quick wicket and bring the run rate down. Very nice gentleman with a good altitude and always down to earth. I met him once in England , nice chap. Definitely Inida good talent now after this IPL , very good talented people are coming out of the Shell and getting recognized at nation level. Rightly said , India has to guide itself from any complanency.He do a wealth of experience in Cricket.

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वाह अनिल भा
by Seema on Jun 05, 2009 06:02 PM  | Hide replies

अनिल भाई सबसे अछे आदमी है

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Message deleted by moderator
RightSaid Fred
Re: वाह अनिल भ
by RightSaid Fred on Jun 05, 2009 06:07 PM
I think he physically abused and then divorced his wife. He is a first class 1d1ot.

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Message deleted by moderator
Re: Re: वाह अनिल भ
by Gowda on Jun 05, 2009 07:29 PM
id0t. He married a divorcee when he was the most eligible bachelor.

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Message deleted by moderator
Message deleted by moderator
Saket Gadkari
Re: Re: वाह अनिल भ
by Saket Gadkari on Jun 06, 2009 08:39 PM
idiot don't talk if you don't know the facts.

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Message deleted by moderator
Hats off to one of the worlds best thinking cricketer
by vivek on Jun 05, 2009 06:00 PM

Kumble when he played in english county earned great respect for his professionalism, attitude and came across a thorough gentleman. Off the field both in india as well as abroad he earned great respect and made people to sit back and listen and notice.
On the field, he is one of the top 5 bowlers in the world. Spinning every ball makes a bowler very readable by any batsman hence Kumble always used variation, medium pace swing, legspin and orthodox spin to get wickets. Many times batsman would be expecting the ball to spin and hit straight on their pad quickly to get them LBW. A bowler needs to be good thinker like him rather than mere skilled in pace/swing/spin. I haven't seen another example in the world yet apart from Anil.

To talk about his analytical, logical and strategic thinking capability, under his captaincy RC Bangalore team turned the table in recent IPL2 and reached final. I guess if he had become indian captain as early as mid 90s, probably India would have displaced Australia from top spot in tests and won atleast 2 dozens more in the last 12 years.

With this background, I'm sure he will do well as as a commentator too. We all wish him the best.

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Chaturchuramoni Chatterjee
by Chaturchuramoni Chatterjee on Jun 05, 2009 06:17 PM
And I used to think that Ricky Ponting was an Australian.

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