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'Boycott was a selfish player'

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Lara may be better batsman not better cricketer than Sachin
by Suhas on Nov 05, 2006 03:38 PM

Lara might have scored more test runs at better than Sachin but what about one dayers. He is not even near Sachin. And these judges have forgotten Sachins 145 wickets in ODIs and 40 odd in tests. Can Lara bowl offspin, legspin, medium pace like Sachin? Lara seems like he scores at better rate but his strike rate is lesser than Sachin. In fielding dept. Sachin leaves lara way behind. Further what about running between the wickets and street smartness?
Finally about character, Lara's career is full of controversies (including disputes for money). Is there a single spot on Sachins career?

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by sajan on Nov 05, 2006 01:49 PM

well whenever this topic comes out of GREATEST & GREATNESS ,one should always look into consistent & dedicated performance of a player in all forms of cricket i.e TEST & ONE-DAY & when we compare the 2 genius we see SACHIN as all time great after SIR DON that has even been recognised by BRIAN LARA & STEVE WAUGH !
so any more qusetions ?

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Y C Sharma
Lara, Sachin and Ponting
by Y C Sharma on Nov 05, 2006 01:33 PM

Not exactly! See how many hundreds have Lara or Ponting made?We say that a particular player plays for the team. With my limited knowledge of Cricket, I know that on most occasions when Sach has made a hundred or scored many runs, he is the top scorer of the team. Even after Sach's high scores if the team loses, it is not fault of the blaster.
Do,nt forget, like Lara Sach has also scored runs against best attack in the world. And, he has max hundreds against Aussies!

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Lara is the best amongs
by Faijas.A.V on Nov 05, 2006 12:52 PM

According to me, the expert's view is right. Lara is playing in a weeker side and fighting against the aussies, south africans and also against the teams of sub continent.

And about Ponting, he is lucky, he dont want to play against Mr.Mcgrath and Warne, only to face Murali and Kumble. And against this Murali, and Kumble, harbhajan, he is really zero.

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Best Bastman of modern cricket
by Uday on Nov 05, 2006 10:21 AM

Quite sorrily the memory of the greats like Ian Chappel, Shastri and Tony Greig seems to be shortliving when they did not even mention the greatest of the contemporary bastmen who is not only consistent but resilient and heavenly versatile too. He should rank among the greatest of all time by any means. He apart from humane ebbs could anytime be counted among the cricket lords. Yes am talking about none other than the Great Indian Cricket Wall - Rahul Dravid!

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Was this to be published for WI
by perl57 on Nov 05, 2006 08:45 AM

I am not being case of a sour grapes here but fact is, these same people would rate Sachin better if it were on a different day. I donno they do it because they feel different each day but to compare these three is senseless. Ponting no stress, no pressure and performs every time he walks in. Spoilt Brat, he is, or rather was, but that has nothing to do with cricket. So he is good. Lara better than Ponting but when kept under pressure, the great man, crumbled more often than any player in the world. If there is anyone who has played with a greater pressure of having to see at least 10 million faces next day feel awkward that his/her team lost, it would be sachin. When was the last time sachin performed? DLF Cup, now hang on. Ponting took lot of matches to score that 50 against India. So did Lara. So why is Sachin considered indifferent here. To be fair and square it is the greatness of Sachin that he has just conquered all the bowlers. The experts are just saying it because McGrath has got hold of Sachin once. Just once in last three months. And before that??????????????? Sanjay should ask himself. Sachin is once in a 100 years product. Make more of him.

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absurd - dravid and laxman rock
by vikram on Nov 05, 2006 01:15 AM  | Hide replies

i would not put tendulkar ahead of dravid and laxman who are the dons of test cricket. sachin takes centrestage only once in a while, which is true with sehwag as well. but ppl who can really change the course of the game are laxman and dravid hands down. it is pathetic to see that their names did not even surface during the discussion.

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RE:absurd - dravid and laxman rock
by vishnu on Nov 07, 2006 11:05 AM
hi vikam,
sachin is not a selfish player like dravid.thatwhy their names are not mentioned.

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kalpesh jain
sachin is gonna always be great
by kalpesh jain on Nov 04, 2006 08:27 PM

we can never compare sachin with lara and if we did we can never do it on the basis of playing in weak opposition and still being agreesive...thats not the criteria on which players can be compared. as per ravi shastri i think he is choosing the lara as his personal choice, because we see that there was an entire decade which was dominated by sachin...experts never considered the fact that even indian team was weak even with names and team victory or defeat was 90% dependable on sachin's performance..lately he might not be performing as good but still he's vital to team...and also lara's fav player is sachin...he's gonna be best always....

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