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Harbhajan turns it India''s way

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ajit kmar ray
reply match
by ajit kmar ray on Mar 31, 2006 05:33 PM

hai harbhajan how are you you are a great turning point of england and good performance of your team and good affred a am realy your fan

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Manish Sonawane
In good times don't ignore the bitter facts
by Manish Sonawane on Mar 29, 2006 08:49 AM

If it's a win , then it definitely needs to be celebrated. Kudos for Bhajji and Pathan and to Yuvi ( only for his bowling ).

But the fact cannot be ignored that team india is regularly being put on backfoot by our so called gr8 Viru and Yuvi is also not consistent in his performance. Infact only becoz of undue favours for Yuvi, a good batter in the form of Kaif is missing out matches ( even after performing well).

Would Mr.Chapell use the same yardstick for Sehwag, which he used for Ganguly.

At this point of time the biggest scanner should be used for Mr.Australian who is not sure about his yardstick but beleives only in Stick.

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Khalid Rauf
Luck smiles on Team India
by Khalid Rauf on Mar 28, 2006 10:50 PM

Lady luck played its role to bigger extent in this magnificient win for Team India.At the end of the day a great finish to this low scoring match.India truely deserved this win even before the first ball was bowled in the match.Very strong & experienced side on paper.But alas Indian batsmen let the team down and victory was possible only due to the sterling performance of our bowlers with Harbhajan reigning supreme.Congratulations to Indian team over their resurgent performance.

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T.P. Viswanathan
India-England ODI
by T.P. Viswanathan on Mar 28, 2006 10:37 PM

Yes, bowers (particularly Harbhajan) saved the day for the captain and the team. On the other hand, batsmen have posed a serious problem. Consistency is a far cry and the so called seniors are terribly unpredictable. They should be in a position to play any type of bowling. No matter how many runs they score, they should have the technique and confidence to play the deadliest of bowlers in world cricket.

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Vivek Bahadur
Bhajji Blasts & Spins India to Victory
by Vivek Bahadur on Mar 28, 2006 10:27 PM

It is always great to end up on the victorious side and that too after an appaling display of batting ! No one could fancy Harbhajan being the Highest Scorer as well as the Highest Wicket taker in One Match .
Indians need to get their batting act together and come up in the remaining One Dayers with a better Top order performance !!

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Pramit Palit
India's win.
by Pramit Palit on Mar 28, 2006 08:38 PM

India won largely due to individual efforts of ceratin players. But More and Chapell did a mess of selections. The batting was bad . The general standard of fielding has gone down. Do not forget we lost to England shamefully in the third test. Shamefully.
So the obvious question is do we really need to spend money on foreign coaches ? Chapell is not doing a good job at all.All he and More are doing well is politicking. We need to bring in Sourav to strengthen the top order. I sincerely hope the duo see sense and reason instead of displaying their individual egos.

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Harbhajan turns it India's way
by a.s.nagesh on Mar 28, 2006 08:05 PM

Will the selectors drop Sehwag immediately in the interest of Indian cricket and bring Gabguly as a opener- he can also bowl medium pace.

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Dravid and Indian team saved their face
by Jayaprakash on Mar 28, 2006 06:28 PM

Hello To all cricket Lovers,

Realy it was the best spell from TURBANATOR Bajji....which helped to save the Indian team face and to satrt the one day series with confidence.

This win will surely boost the confidence of the Bajji who was out of form from last 2 series.

It was very much disapointment from the indian top order batsmens who did not bat very well...
I like to add a point that Shewaw must look for playing the long innings...

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What a cricket commentary?
by vishy on Mar 28, 2006 06:21 PM

Prem can you tell me what exactly you are trying to say below?

""""An enormous sweep at Harbhajan accomplished nothing more than pad into the hand of the close fielder; another swipe superbly fielded at short square by Gambhir the batsman was clearly fidgety, and the offie nailed him with a delivery quicker, fuller, flatter, beating the batsman with the pace and turning it just enough from off to middle to nail the England captain on the pads (117/5) """

Kudos to rediff !!! I can barely make out that England captain got out LBW.

Anyways,, This match was Harbajan's, with great support from Yuvi and close fielders. Nice to have Turbonator in good form. It was good contribution from his bat as well. He has the top score !!!

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