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India in a tight corner

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India will win match!
by kamlesh on Jul 02, 2006 05:17 AM

I know it was gamble played by Dravid to bat first, it will be in India's favor and India will win this match and series :)

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Bring back ganguly
by Avi on Jul 01, 2006 04:53 PM

Dravid is showing how to draw match...even with 8th rank ed team....unless dada became the captain again there won't be any aggresivenes in the team..

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Poor Team Selection
by Satheesh on Jul 01, 2006 04:51 PM

Atleast (Since Already Agarkar was not in the test team) Irfan pathan should be given the chance to Play in the final test at sabina park since we all know the pitch mostly favours for the bowler.Also Irfan is the only bowler who has a attacking bowling.

Still India need to get some good bowlers like Irfan and Agarkar since nobody is bowling well.Eventhough Munaf and Sreesanth bowl well,they are not consistent enough.

In batting only yuvraj missed out his form in test matches,but he can get back his form at any time.

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Alok Kanti Deb
Actually Indian team is a bad team
by Alok Kanti Deb on Jul 01, 2006 04:41 PM

Actually Indian team is a abd team. This has been aggravated by the politicians like Greg Chappel, Kiran More, Niranjan Shah etc. Chinks are showing up often. This team will be routed in the first round in world cup. They are unable to cope even with the weak West Indians. Its time to hand over the captaincy to Sourav Ganguly and players like Ram Ukun Verma should be included.

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rajeev taparia
by rajeev taparia on Jul 01, 2006 01:19 PM

To sum it up this was a pathetic performance by India. It was sucidal on part of Rahul Dravid to bat first on this ground which has history of assisting pacers on day one. Anyway this game now seems rightly set for Windies,lets hope they too blunder as we did.

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india in a tight corner
by suman on Jul 01, 2006 12:10 PM

Kudoos to dravid for one more useful knock for team india, As usual dravid and even kumble played a super innings under pressure, as per team requirments, 100% commitment for the team.
ppl compare dravid captaincy with ganguly. but forgetting that dravid is pillar for ganguly success as captins. dravid out in 8 times in eightes, 9 times in ninties. another 65 runs would have made him all these 8os & 90s into centuries if he played crkcket for himself and he would have scored more centuries than 10lkars and ganguly would never ended up a sucessful captins.ganguly illtreated kuble many times but kumble won many matches for single handedly for ganguly.
make dravid captian equal no matches as ganguly then do the comparison. ganguly was non performing captins for last 3 yrs of his captian b'cuz his godfather juggu dada had bcci key. Dravid will never stick to team india if he fails to perform.
india lost first 3 test matches b'cuz of bizzare umpiring. more than 11 lbws apples of kumble went agsint him. after lara dhoni episode lara should be thrown out of series.but icc fined veeru for excess appealing What the BCCI is doing.

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india at sea
by amol on Jul 01, 2006 07:45 AM

the performance reinforces the belief that the ad money shd be increased by few more crores for our poor team.to improve their averages ,chicken out of the team like tendulkar does,and play matches against lashings,bhutan,nepal,china,mongolia BUT ONLY ON DEAD DOCILE PITCHES PLEEEEEEASE

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Rajkumar Singh
Congrat to Greg et al.
by Rajkumar Singh on Jul 01, 2006 06:57 AM

Heartiest congratulations to the gang of four: Gerg chappell, Kiran More, Rahul Dravid and Niranjan shah. All great cricketting (cricket politicking) brains for the performance of the Indian (read BCCI) team today!!

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indian team
by deep on Jul 01, 2006 05:39 AM

when we need to play 1 more spinner we opt for a seamer instead and now when we need a extra seamer we get a out of form batter instead........????
maybe i ll another another 30 years and see a indian win in the windies (when trinidad and tobago will win the world cup soccer and every 1 in the windies would be playing soccer and not cricket).

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