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'Umpires must be diplomatic'

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define the scope of diplomacy please
by Pravinkumar on Aug 22, 2006 08:54 PM

if show must go on then i suggest following points
define the rules of conduct such that
1. maximum 20 wickets should fall in single day, even if 20 wickets fall by tea time game must stop
2. umprires must consult thrid umpire for L B W always make if compulsary third umpire for each LBW
3. if any batsman plays more than 300 balls then his team must be punished by playing one player less
4. if any partnership exceeds 420 runs then it must be made mandatory for the captain to declare innings
5. maximum 96 overs to be bowled in 8 hours of game let flood, hallogen, sodium vapour lamps all used
6. if all five days are wasted due to rain then the test should be played at the other dry ground
7. there must be minimum 7 days gap in between any two consecutive test matches & 2 days gap in 1 dayer
8. there should be strict punishment like RED card for those who do misbehaviour on ground as football
9. allow betting on each batsman, bowler, fielder all possible performances like race course by law
10. betting will not only attract money flow but also crowd & empty test match grounds will be full

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by balu on Aug 22, 2006 07:55 PM

Ball dampering & Throwing

it is a fashion for white umpires to point the subcontinent players for ball dampering & throwing.

As if their players doing nothing. This is the time to shut all the nonsense. Umpires must be diplomatic and show must go on.

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I vote for pakistan
by kishore on Aug 22, 2006 07:41 PM

I vote for Pakistan since there was no evidence to say Pakistan is culprit on this issue. But i will accept with the fact that the pride of cricket has been killed but the pride of Pakistan also killed. Any captain will not accept the umpire's decision that has been taken in this issue. ICC has to resolve this issue as soon as possible to save the pride of cricket but the decision should not be against Pakistan or Pakistani captain.

By the way i am not a pakistani

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Darrel Hair
by M.N.V.V.PRASAD on Aug 22, 2006 07:15 PM

Umpair Darrel Hair is an arrogant person and looks like he dislikes teams from sub continant.

Cricket amn gives over importance to umpires.They have to understand that cricket is not being played for umpires sake.They are important part of the game and are there to see that game goes on as per cricket law.But every body feels that Cricket has no answer even if umpires take wrong decisions against the intrest of game willfully.Perticularly well known White umpires feel that they can go as per their wish and there is no control over them9Infact good support they have).

In this incidence India has to take lead and support Pakisthan morally.Pakisthan should quit from One day series or forefiet one day series and go back.If ICC penalises them, India,Pakisthan and Srilanka can have a small triangular series and generate funds(with an appeal to cricket fans)and pay the penalty to ICC as a blow on thier face.


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