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Chappell backs Kaif, Sehwag

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Re : Greg backing Kaif/Shewag
by S A N J I T on Apr 10, 2006 09:18 PM

Greg is fooling all of us, sometimes he says performance and nothing else should be the criteria and then suddenly sometimes he starts BACKING.

Rediff should bring back this article to the front page for a day more and see how the whole of India slams this hypocrite.

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 S A N J I T
Re : Backing kaif & shewag
by S A N J I T on Apr 05, 2006 09:52 PM

Very true friends, Coach should understand that a player representing and performing for a country should be above someone's personal egos. If backing experienced and important players is the key then why not back someone who has 22 hundreds and 10,000 plus in ODI. After all what is team India going to loose if ganguly is included - they will only gain stability in top order. and how can someone make 10k runs if he can't bat, common , is shewag better than ganguly in playing short deliveries.

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Well Done Chappell
by Sudha on Apr 05, 2006 02:14 PM

Dear Chappell
I am pleased by your statement supporting the players. esplly Kaif . We all believe he is great match winning player. He being in the team is our strength. Thank you for your understanding of the situation and motivating Kaif and Sehwag.

I am sure they well definitely win more matches.

We are so proud of you Sir

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Re : backing kaif & shewag
by S A N J I T on Apr 04, 2006 12:51 PM

One really wonders if backing important and experienced players is the key , why did'nt our coach back a player with 22 ODI Hundreds and 10,000 + runs in ODI.

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Madhava Vemuri
by Madhava Vemuri on Apr 04, 2006 09:10 AM

My Dear Greg,

Its nice to know that you have extended your full support to Kaif and Sehwag despite their repeated failures...you believe that they are match winners and looking at their records they need to be given as many chances as possible....

It would be nice of you if you extend this same logic to Sourav Ganguly also.

Plz stop your personal preferences and try to be fair..

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Deepak Sarkar
Greg support for Kaif & sehwag ???
by Deepak Sarkar on Apr 04, 2006 05:22 AM

well Gentlemen,
I would honestly respect your statement in support to these two players who are flop for many matches in a row then cross your heart & admit whether you have been fair enough to Ganguly the most Successful Player & Ex-Captain of Team India.Its not the case because you shall not be Lucky enough to continue the Indian coach for Long. No one is Indispensable so would be you & our so called Kiran Darling More the cc
of Indian Cricket the most flop Rated cricketer of Team India. why does the cricketing body the BCCI Intervene to the Better Interest of Indian cricket. why should be allow a Foreigner to dictate his terms to Indian cricket & do we honestly respect people who has contibuted to Indian cricket. We allow Greg Chappel to show abusive finger gesture in kolkata in Eden Garden & get away why we dont have law in our Land.

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Too Good
by GB on Apr 04, 2006 03:18 AM

Chappell Guruji, you are too good. I used to hate watching india in ODIs. Now I enjoy it. But then I now hate watching India in TESTS. Please do something about the test. Please take Sachin out of the team. Only you can do it. Make sure you apply same rule to Sachin as that of Ganguly and to everyone for that matter.

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why not ganguly
by shubham on Apr 03, 2006 11:44 PM

Kaif has scored 17 runs in his last 8 innings. I dont remember any match winning innings played by him except netwest series final.
If he can be given so many chances then why not ganguly, who is second highest run scorer in the history of one day internationals.
Is kaif better player than ganguly??
Cricket should be played with professional attitude not with personal interests and security.

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