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Dravid named captain

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welcome to dravid as capatin
by murthy on Oct 14, 2005 02:27 PM

I think dravid is best as a capatin for indian team, because if he is a capatin also he will play well in matches with a good score. but savrau could not do even for a long time.

For dravid give him a chance for one year as a capatin. he will prove himself as a capatin.

Best of luck for 2007 world cup.

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Naveen Mishra
Congrtts ... Dravid and BCCI
by Naveen Mishra on Oct 14, 2005 10:59 AM

Better late than NEVER.
Congrats to BCCI for taking this time the right measures( at least what it says ) . there is no ifs and buts about Dravid's ever-lasting performance and Dada's flop-shows. Nice to see that BCCI ,of late , started thinking beyond Ganguli.
Thereis no doubt Ganguli had a past which every-one ( at least captains of Team-India ) wouldlove to follow ). But, we must accept , that is a past.try-out some new things before it is too late for next world cup. If ucan not dare experimanting now then where the time is for that.

At last,Dravid is given his due respect and a chance from where he can stamp his place ( as skipper , offcourse ) .
All the best Rahul. YOU HAVE DONE IT IN THE PAST ALSO. Just take this chance from both hands.

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Akshay Bhandari
shot in the arm
by Akshay Bhandari on Oct 14, 2005 06:38 AM

its good....anyone but that ganguly will do as a captain...hopefully that ganguly will play no furhter part in Indian cricket...

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Kaushik Biswas
Dravid Named Captain
by Kaushik Biswas on Oct 14, 2005 01:46 AM

I think what the Indian selectors did this time in selecting the ODI sqaud for the upcoming SriLanka & South Africa series is a "BIG JOKE". Why? Well any reasonably wise follower of cricket will agree that if Ganguly deserved to be kicked out at all, it is because of him as a player and surely not as captain. However, he is being stripped off his captaincy with a chance of being considered as a non captain player if he can prove his fitness, which just dosen't make sense to me. What the selectors did is not merely a joke but humiliation of their whole cricketing sense, if they possess that at all. Further, though I respect Dravid as a cricketer immensely, I am doubtfull whether he is the best deserved to be captain at this moment. I beleive next time the selectors needs to think more cricket and less of anything else while choosing a captain of a side which is, as all of you will agree, one of the most daring and demanding jobs in the cricketing world.

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Charmless Indian cricket
by Saurabh on Oct 14, 2005 12:30 AM

Man....I am saddened that Ganguly will no longer be the Indian cricket captain. The charm will be lost. I am not prepared to watch the game or purchase the game if Ganguly is not the captain. Marketeers and BCCI please listen that you are loosing customers / viewers because Saurav Ganguly is not the captain of the team.

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Dravid named captain
by Swagat on Oct 13, 2005 11:45 PM

What I fail to understand is the reason why our dear countrymen is totally biased against an individual like Ganguly. Is it because he is the best record as captain or is it because he has backed so many players without any regional bias and that includes players like Kaif who is from UP. People tend to forget that Kaif whom some of you want as a captain, was almost saved by Ganguly during WC 2003. Kaif had actually failed in 3-4 games and the media and our honourable janata at that time were all after Kaif anf Ganguly. Thanks to a good knock against the Pakis, and the support that he had from Ganguly, Kaif is now seen as a future skipper. Ganguly was not appreciated even when he relinquished the openers spot to Sehwag in the interests of the team (coz he was a better middle order player than Sehwag, especially against spin) despite having a terrific record. Ganguly certainly deserved a better deal.

Sachin is the greatest batsman India has produced. But for him, Ganguly would have been the best batsman in one-day games produced by India. But no one blames him for the mistakes he made as a skipper.
All said and done, I believe our dada is going to lead us in WC 2007.

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Dravid's new Role
by N.Nagarajan on Oct 13, 2005 10:24 PM

At last better wisdom prevailed on the selectors this time to choose Dravid as Captian for the ensuring one day matches. This is good for CRICKET

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kcalpesh ajugia
Dravid? Think again
by kcalpesh ajugia on Oct 13, 2005 09:50 PM

Lack of Form + Captaincy = ? what about the performance? This is a bad decesion, Dravid is himself out of form allmost like dada.


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