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Chaotic departure irks Chappell

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by Ranganathan on Aug 24, 2005 06:49 PM

This is sheer arrogance - for such actions, there should be disciplinary action against Ganguly. Worthless player in the team - it is a pity that we are willing to accept all such behavior as normal. What a shame!!

For sure, when Ganguly scores a "great century" against the minnows Zimbawbae, all our ganguly fans will scream their hearts out that how great he is!! This man deserves no place in the team - have done nothing in the recent past (may be he had won more games, so what), we still dont have Gavaskar because he has scored more centuries than anyone. It is hightime this arrogant,selfish,unimaginative player/captain is shown the door.
You can get the world's best coach, but our cricketers should change their attitudes and start playing for the country instead of endorsements. Enough said - I hope they lose to Zim too couple of times in this series.

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Ganguly is the most selfish cricketer in Indian team....
by Yogesh on Aug 24, 2005 03:39 PM

Ganguly is the most selfish cricketer in present Indian team.
That was proved by the knock of 51 from 110 deliveries he scored in recent triangular series in Sri Lanka.
He is more interested in improving his personal records then winning matches for India.
He may have scored ten thousand runs in ODI's but what has he done for team India in last three years.
India have won only one of 15 finals since 2000 and in most of them he has been the captain. Still he is considered the most successful Indian captain.
In the last 50 ODI's that he has played, he has scored just 2 hundreds. That too against Minnows like Kenya and Namibia.
He scored his last test century in 2003.
It is high time BCCI and the selectors think of Indian cricket and keep faith in youngsters rather than encouraging these overrated players.
Alone Greg Chappell cannot do anything unless he gets support from the BCCI.

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Chaotic departure irks Chappell
by labrea on Aug 23, 2005 09:27 PM

It's this same lack of discipline which causes India's failures - this same 'chalta hai' attitude. Chappell must put his foot down and start by imposing fines for all infractions - he's the boss and must set out the standrad of conduct, otherwise he'll just have an unruly self-centered arrogant twits.

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Ganguly has been of this sort since a long time
by rohan on Aug 23, 2005 07:02 PM

Its no surprise that Ganguly,the much maligned skipper[these days] did not apologise for his late arrival.He has been arrogant right thru his career,and by doing so,has had to bear a lot of criticism.He has done good for the country no doubt,but being punctual,disciplined are not in his books.He deserves to punished for his acts[i suppose many ppl now r adjusted to his indifferent behaviour].Chappel must come out with what he has in mind so that Ganguly who thinks himself as the GREAT person bogs down atleast a little.
Ganguly started off his arrogance during his early cricketing days itself,remember, he had not agreed to carry the drinks on the field when he was not in the playing 11 in a match in 1992. Mr Ganguly,there r players in the Indian team far more better in every aspect than u.Dravid,Tendulkar,Kumble have been very respectacble players and they have maintained their dignity for a very long time.Learn something atleast,as u spend a lot of time with these 3 great guys.

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