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''Things will not be easy in Pak''

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Pakistanis little amateurs
by neerav on Mar 09, 2004 05:29 PM

no doubt pakistan series will be tough for india but let us not forget indian team is filled with confidence and do have quality players where as pakistan seem to be relying only on shoaib akhtar who alone can not do wonders - pakistan side does not have those players who they can realy rely on,. their batting line up is nothing compared to ours .... so long

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Absurd comments
by sasriniv on Mar 09, 2004 04:07 PM  | Hide replies

Not sure what made Amarnath comment about Ganguly that he is in good touch. This is absurd publicity and fortunate for our great(???) losing captain. Even he himself wont agree for such a aplause. Please media and former cricketers, dont try to spread wrong messages for having no support during your playing days. People / cricket lovers know real facts.

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RE:Absurd comments
by sasriniv on Mar 15, 2004 03:59 PM
Hi Dinesh,

I am not against Ganguly or for that matter not having any biased opinion. If you look at scores of him in last 10 innings, I am not sure if Amarnath is correct in claiming Ganguly is in good touch.

Here it goes: 82,32,18,33,1,1,1,6,3,45. This is not a worse statistics particularly if you see how he has led team from front. But then I cant surely accept he is in good touch. Personally I have been disappointed with Ganguly's individual performance in the field. And I think he knows that better than anybody else. I still stand by my words.

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Message deleted by moderator
'Things will not be easy in Pak'
by Dinesh on Mar 11, 2004 10:39 PM
Dear Mr. sarinv,
You may be frustrated without any understanding of
cricket. Look at Ganguly's statistics as player and
captain. Do not give biased opinion of some journalists who give the statistics sometimes even for two tests.

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