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nitika gupta
Rahul Dravid is the best person in the world of cricket
by nitika gupta on Apr 19, 2006 04:47 PM

Hi I am Nitika Gupta,13 year of age. I love Rahul Dravid and I am very big fan of him. He is a wonderful person and an excellent batsman. After Rahul has come to the captaincy India has progressed a lot. India won a number of matches all because of R
ahul Dravid. His biggest policy is giving chance to newcomer and because of this many cricketers proved themselves. They all must be thanking Rahul Dravid. Please you all try to send me as many as Rahul's picture and if possible his phone number also.

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india's wall in cricket
by adarshScGowda on Apr 15, 2004 01:19 PM

He is the most genious,ultimate stylish batsman
i love hookshot and squarecut.His captaincy in samsung finaloneday is well.I am greatful fan of him
Plz send any good photo of him

Thanking u

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East ya west Dravid is the Best.......Hero of the Indian Cricket.
by Imtiaz on Oct 13, 2003 02:31 AM

Dravid is one of the very best player to have occured to India. He is elegant from the day one. His style of playing is one of the best (of best) and I want to see him as a great legend and I am very much sure he is going to become one.

This is to Dravid from me: Dravid you are the hero of the Indian cricket. I wish you the greatest in your professional and personal life. Tons and tons of love.
If you see this, please please come in touch with me, you are the ONE that I have ever liked and will like you for you are such an elagant hero.
Good luck in all your future efforts.
Love you soooo much.

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Muralidhar Rao
Dravid the abominable bore!
by Muralidhar Rao on Oct 10, 2003 10:13 PM

There is no question about Dravid's yoemnan contribution to Indian cricket. But Dravid is too defensive to the point that he can be a total bore.
As far as the art of strokemaking is concerned Dravid is somewhat wanting.Dravid
should have taken lessons from Viv Richards or Clive Lloyd when he was a kid. Dravid is so slow in his strike rate that he has cost India dearly in one day matches and in test mathes Dravid can not only save India from defeat but there is also the possibility that test matches can end up in a draw on account of his abominably snail like fast scoring. Many years ago Geoffrey Boycott scored 250 against India but was dropped for the next match because of Boycott's ridiculous slow batting. It seems Dravid has a taken a cue from Boycott and Gavaskar instead of Viv Richards and Adam Gilchrist. Dravid may be the dependable wall and all that but he is also the most appalingly boring batsman of the world.

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Hardik Yagnik
Great Fan
by Hardik Yagnik on Oct 09, 2003 11:21 PM  | Hide replies

Dravid is the greatest Batsman I have seen in my life.

I am 20 years Old.

I love his work,dedication,concentration,cricket brain
and for many more.

Please send me some Photographs of him if Avilable

I watch India's match to just see his battin and wicketkeeping.

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He is truely mejistic.
by Ajit on Oct 11, 2003 08:13 PM
Rahul Dravid is such a class player that any shot comes from his is realy superb to watch. He is totally perfect in his batting and one among very rare batsman in the world who can take the control of setuation and can bat according to the demand. He can be aggresive or can be cool, but that all depends on the setuation in which the team is. One of the example among many is his batting against Enland in world cup. Similarly there are many. But his batting order in one dayers is too less to his potential. He must come at no 3.

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RE:Great Fan
by shilpa on Jul 01, 2005 02:15 PM
Hello Sir
You are one of the few cricketers who do justice to the job entrusted .It's really something rare eventhough its the responsibility.I wish you all the success in ur career and hope you render your best to do india proud.

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