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Ranji Trophy 2003

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by olly on Dec 18, 2003 06:44 PM

shammy salaria is the man he canes the ball all round th epasrk he came to england to play for my club and i enjoyed many great partnerships with him, pick him for india a team

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Sudhir G
KN Anandapadmanabhan - Kerala
by Sudhir G on May 18, 2003 09:29 PM

Looking thru the bowling performances, the unsung hero is Kerala's Anandan. He topped in Average and Strike rate in both bowling charts.
Quiet performers often get ignored.

Bibi - Dubai

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by aditya on May 16, 2003 03:57 PM

the people of andhra have always been upto the hopes of the selectors,few are among the most famous cricketers of alltime(azharruddin)
and it is pity that raidu is not being looked upon by selectors.
my vote is that raidu is as capable player as azharuddin.hence he must be uner considerations

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Ranji Format
by K.Kumar on May 13, 2003 12:20 PM

The Foramt of Elite & Plate divisions is good. But the timing to start this format was wrong. They should have taken 3-4 years performance to decide which teams go to which group. Maharashtra,Haryana,Karnataka & MP performed consistently well for last deacde except for last season. They ended up playing in plate dvsn in this concluded season. Unfortunately all of them were in the same group. Only Karnataka is promoted to Elite, out of these teams along with Kerala (Kerala was lucky to be in a group of all poor teams). That means it will take atleast another two years for other 3 teams to make it to Elite. One bad match in Semifianl of plate dvsn, the team will loose the chance to play Elite dvsn next year.
On the other side teams like Assam,Gujrat,Rajastan, AP,Orissa,HP played in Elite & most of them will play next year also. It will continue like this for another 4-5 years. A team need to get only 3-4 points to play next year in Elite.
To make it more compitive they should promote/demote 4 teams each every year instead of 2.

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Tilak naidu
by sharath on May 13, 2003 03:45 AM

Tilak naidu is a wonderful cricketer and i have been watching him closely . he is very much technically sound and he deserves to be in Indian team

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TN players
by vikas on May 13, 2003 04:53 PM  | Hide replies

In place of whom??? Should it be in place of Sachin, Rahual, Ganguly and Zaheer...

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Badri Narayanan
RE:Balaji, Sriram and TN players
by Badri Narayanan on Aug 29, 2003 05:26 PM
Dear friend Vikas seems to be ignorant of the fact that S. Ramesh has been the leading & consistent opener in test cricket for India in recent times alongwith SS Das till he was unceremoniously dropped without explanation. Hemang Badani definitely merits a place in the middle order in competition with Kaif and Yuvraj... we all have seen him give excellent performances matching the exploits of Yuvraj and definitely better than Kaif. He's in top form after the India A tour of England. Balaji can definitely keep Agarkar and Avishkar Salvi on their toes to grab the seamer's spot. Vikas, by comparing these guys with the top guns Sachin, Saurav, Dravid and Zaheer; doesnt recollect Saurav's statement that "some places are up for grabs". This is very much true in the case of the opening slot where Ramesh should be the front runner after his recent superb performances in the end stages of Ranji Trophy,... unfortunately the selectors dont think so in their choices for the Challenger series (at least in the case of Ramesh)... John Wright's comment "Ramesh is a highly talented cricketer, but he should take these disappointments sportingly" speaks volumes for this cricketer from TN.

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Ranji Final 2003
by S.Hariharan on May 12, 2003 05:15 PM

The defeat of Tamil Nadu in the Ranji finals 2003 was another display of the lack of match winners in the country.

There were a lot of players in Tamil Nadu said to be brilliant batsman or the best bowlers of the tournament. But under demanding situation they miserably failed to deliver. Even Badani who though played well could not really shield his weaker players and dominate the show to the end, something we see the Australians and South Africans do so often.

Brilliant individual innings is not enough, we need brilliant match winning players to compete in international arena.

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Quality of domestic cricket
by S.HARIHARAN on May 12, 2003 05:08 PM

It is interesting to note that Gautham Gambir is the leading run scrorer in this domestic season. But when he was given a chance in the international arena, he looked all at sea, notwithstanding he had a couple of good outings. His body showed he was not mentally prepared for the standard at which international cricket is played.
This again reflects on the mental preparation of our budding youngsters and the level of competition prevailing on our domestic circuit.

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