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Long live the Little Master

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Anant Katdare
The Original Little Master
by Anant Katdare on Jul 12, 2003 05:06 PM

Respected Sir,

According to me you are the greatest batsman i have seen til date. Ofcourse i did not see the great Don bat. You have given immense pleasure to millions of viewers all over the world by your 28 carat pure gold batting.
That majestic stroll to the wicket, that tall standing guard, the movement of your feet, the sublime flick to the on side, the straighter than the straight drive, the glorious cover drive, the dead defence to a rising ball and above all that great concentration, oh god! It was purest of pure batting skill to watch. All your 10,122 runs (5000 abroad) scored runs against the likes of Marshall,Holding,Roberts,Garner,Lillee,Thomson,Imran,
Willis,Botham,Hadlee ......simply great! That too these runs were scored opening the batting without helmet & when the bowlers are fresh with a new red ball in their hands going after your blood. Hats off to you sir! Anybody understanding Cricket will know the value of these runs. 18 centuries abroad, 16 centuries in India. 13 centuries against the fiery WestIndies balling at an batting average of 65. It was like a dream .....Happy Birthday Sir

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